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The Mission: Hop and Follow

Posted on Jan 27, 2011 with 11 comments

Jan 27, 2011

  Book Blogger Hop
This week's question comes from Aliyah who blogs at Des Absurdités:

"What book are you most looking forward to seeing published in 2011?
Why are you anticipating that book?"

Answer:  Shadowfever was the book I had be dying to read. I read it and was over the moon. 
Then of course it would have to be Deadly Vows by Brenda Joyce, I have been waiting years for this book.  Brenda and fans have had to write and beg publisher for years to get this book out. 
Next would have to be Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh, everyone wants this one.
I have been yearning to read it, it's Hawke's story and since the begining of the Psy series, when we met him, there has been a crush.

The Follow is always hosted by the creative and talented Parajunkee.
The feature this week is:

Marie of Mission to Read

The question this week is:
What is your favorite school subject?
My favorite subject had to be English and History.  I had the most incredible 8th grade History  teacher.  There was so much passion and love for history in his class.  He was the artist and we were the canvas. His retelling of history were the brush stokes. At the end of the year I was his completed “history hungry” master piece.  I don’t know of anyone that didn’t spend the entire hour in awe of him.  I think we only used the book for the visuals.  We relived history in the pictures his words painted.  English was the discovery of the classics and how we have evolved form the ancient greats.  Your words are your power. 
Thank God for words, and hence books.
History Channel rocks!!!

Frostfire by Lynn Viehl

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A Novel of the Kyndred
      Lilah Devereaux has just been fired from her job,and to top it all off, someone stole her car. She will have to move before they come looking for her.  Where will she go, now? She will have to change her name.  Who is Lilah Devereaux? Lilah has had many names, changing it wont be the problem. She has no one to turn to in times of need. Voluptuous, red haired, Lilah is beautiful and seems to have no problem garnering attention. Yet, she is alone in the world.  She has a secret talent that GenHance is willing to kill for.  The only friends she has are the Takyn, whom she has never seen. It is time to move on, once again.
      The following day Lilah finds herself handcuffed to a nude man in the back of reefer truck.  It would seem she has been drugged and she knows exactly who has taken her captive.
     Walker Kimball doesn’t understand why he is alive and  in a truck.  He was supposed to have died, the last thing he can remember is dying in a field in Afghanistan. Something feels different, it’s as if he’s changed. Why is he alive?  Not only is he alive, he is bound to a woman.  Who is this woman he’s handcuffed to?  Where are they being taken?  She is stunning, her skin is like alabaster and her hair the color of the setting sun.  He feels a strange connection to her. His every instinct is to protect her.  He doesn’t want to go on living, but now he will give his life for the woman next to him.
     Although it has only been a short time Lilah has spent in the back of the truck with Walker, she has the profound knowledge that her future is with this man.  It doesn’t matter who Walker is or was.  Lilah has never felt the way she does about this man, she knows from the dept of her soul that they are meant to be together.
     GenHance has been taking injured and dead soldiers from the battlefields of Afghanistan and subjecting them to their experiments.  Lilah and Walker will have to escape before they reach their destination.  Along the way Lilah and Walker come across a small town up in the Colorado mountains that has secrets of its own.  There a battle will be fought and they will discover hidden secrets the town has kept for centuries. 
Walker will have to face his old and new enemies.  He is not who he seems.  Will he be able to keep Lilah safe?  Can Lilah’s friends be trusted?  Is he worthy of a second chance?

I gave this book 4/5

Superior!  First-class! Noteworthy!  Lynn Vielh has done it once more.  Frostfire is a fantastic work of fiction that is sure to delight.  Frostfire transports us to into the world of the Kyndred with the extraordinary elements of the Darkyn, a new series with new twists to an incredible genre. Lilah and Walkers story is a fast paced story filled with passion and secrets. Around every corner we find more answers to the puzzle.  I loved this book.  I am partial, due to the fact that I love all works from Lynn, but the girl can write.   There are many surprises in this book and of course we are left wanting more.  Don’t worry the next book in the series is in the works.  Go out and buy this book.

Extra!  Extra!  Read Word Nerd Interview today!! Word Nerd Giveaway!! Lynn Viehl has joined up with Word Nerd for an incredible interview.  Stop by and read it, Lynn tells a of a strange experience. 

Favorite Quote:  “Walker, you’re not just the man I love.  Your are my life.”-Lilah

Publisher:  Signet Select 


The Book Experience Taken To The Next Level

Posted on Jan 25, 2011 with 1 comment

Jan 25, 2011

bookish escape Graph 3[13]

Thought book blogging was only about writing and reading reviews, following fellow bloggers, or weekly memes?  Well, times are a changing and Chat Rooms are just one more of the ways to connect over a good books.

With all the new programs available via the internet, anyone can take part in incredible aspects of the internet.  One of those is being able to bring fellow bloggers together on a different level of interaction in  chat rooms.  Most of us chat already, but when you throw in a great topic, great company, fun prizes, or a guest author, you have a winning recipe.  

Everyone is invited and you are allowed to bring as many friends as you like. Dress code is not an issue.  The theme can be an author, a book, a series, etc.,  anything you like.  You don’t even have to leave your homes. You get to mingle with book lovers from around the globe.  Who wouldn’t want to party?

This past week I participated in two chats and had an awesome time on both counts.  The first was at The Knight Agency- TKA CHATS with the lovely Stephanie Rowe and her new book Kiss At Your Own Risk . Second to present itself was BOOKISH ESCAPE! hosted by Jackie at Literary Escapism and Larissa Larissa Benoliel, the topic for the night was Mercy Thompson Talk.  I had such a terrific time on each occasion.  I even won a prize on Bookish Escape!

 A special shout out to Jackie and Larissa, the chat was great fun.
 The chat rooms are all fairly easy to use.  Some chat rooms only offer text-based chat and others have video and calls.   Don’t feel intimidated by participating in a chat the next time you are invited to one.  Everyone participating is always eager to help out with any questions you may have. Take time to view upcoming events and mark your calendars.
Click on a badge to join the conversation.

PCR-LE_125x125Pajama Chat Readers

Bookish Escape

Shadow Fever….Epic Series by Karen Marie Moning

Posted on Jan 24, 2011 with 1 comment

Jan 24, 2011

What happens when one of the most captivating series of the decade comes to an incredible conclusion?   Shadow Fever happens!!!  The Fever frenzy began in 2006 with Dark Fever, yet only ask any hardcore HighFer and you will soon learn that  the magical waters for the series run far deeper.  Karen Moning has taken us on any incredible journey, into a world that changes before our very eyes with each turn of the page.  One that left us breathless and yearning for more at the end of every single book. “Cliffhanger” took on a whole new meaning at the hands of KMM.  We became slaves to Mac's first-person narrative, with her arresting and hypnotic voice she enthralled us.  Our minds processed the facts and still we came away with imperceivable truths. 
Shadow Fever takes off exactly where Moning left us in Dream Fever, prostrated upon a cliff next to the dead body of Jericho and the desolate, forlorn, Mac.  Mac’s tortuous anguish is now ours, we are beside ourselves hoping upon hope that it is only a dream.  Sadly to say, the truth will not be denied... 
The 411 On MacKayla and Jericho
MacKayla  Lane aka "Mac" is a southern peach, born and bred, or so she thought, until the death of her sister alters everything.  Mac’s world changes the day she turns up in Dublin, Ireland, on the hunt for Alina’s murderer.  Mac soon learns she is a sidhe-seer and  hence the metamorphose begins.  She soon becomes a force to be reckoned with.   In each of the books, we can give testimony to her transformation.  Yet, no transformation could every come to pass with out one, Jericho Barrons. 
Jericho Barrons aka (JZB) is  the wealthy, brooding, mysterious and handsome owner of Barrons Books & Baubles.  Jericho has become both protector and mentor to Mac.  He has had to strip away the layers that were MacKayla, antagonizing her at every turn.  He needs Mac’s special talents to track the book, aka Sinsar Dubh (book of dark evil magic).  He is secretive, and unwilling to answer Mac’s questions.  Throughout the series, he has had to take extreme measures to ensure Mac’s safety.   In each book we discover exactly what he is not. Our frustration only adds fuel to our every growing fascination with all things, Barrons.   Although, Mac never seems to be able to please Barrons, he has never failed to be her champion. There is a growing underlining wave of sexual tension between the two that only grows stronger in each book.
Mac has started on a journey without a known course, nothing is what it seems.  She has found herself in a world of ancient magic, and disturbing truths.  A war has begun with the lethal Fae, and she finds herself smack bang in the middle. She comes face to face with V'lane, a death-by-sex Fae, who becomes somewhat of a friend. Mac soon learns who killed her sister. She is then captured by the Fae Lord Master, who then has her abused by three Dark Princes, making her Priya (Fae sex addicted).  No one has ever come back from being Priya.  Mac seems to be doomed to a life of sexual addiction to Fae, but Barrons has other plans.  It didn’t matter how long it took, Barrons never gave up on Mac.  He brings her back from a world of shadows and addiction. Yet, Mac seems to have a new addiction.  Jericho Barrons.  Mac learns that while she was being “cured” the walls have come down, and the world will never be the same.  As if things couldn’t get worse, Mac learns that the Lord Master plans to capture her parents. At the end of this leg of the journey, Mac finds herself fighting for her life and everything she holds dear.  She then comes to face with her reality and finally she sees the path she must take.
The Beginning of the End (Shadow Fever)
Mac must learn to go on with out the one person she never knew was her existence.  Truths come crashing to the surface.  How can you go on, when you are no longer whole. Her soul has been ripped out of her, if only she had known the truth. Dying would not be just punishment for what she has done.
Enter Mac 5.0.. Mac is no longer the person she was.  She had changed, there was nothing to lose anymore.  Mac knows the answer to making the world right again.  She will capture the Sinsar Dubh and change all the hurts in the world. She has changed into a different Mac. She will align herself to the enemy, Lord Master, in the name of justice.  Barrons had always told her to adapt to the every changing world, adapt she would.  She had plans and will use every alliance she has to bring back those she loves. Just when Mac thinks there is only one course of action to take, in walks Jericho Barrons. 
Mac is floored, her soul sings with happiness, until Jericho can’t seem to forgive her for killing him.   If before there existed a sexual magnetism, it doesn’t hold a candle to what is born in the aftermath of pain. There are things that are happening to Mac that have plausible explanations. Things that will make Mac take a closer look at herself and ask:  Who is Mac?  Am I human?  Fae? Sidhe-seer? 
Mac and Jericho will join forces and with the help of an eclectic group of Fae, Druid Warriors, Sidhe-seers, Hunters and the Jericho 8, they will capture the book.  Everything that has happened to Mac has been a culmination bringing her to this point in her life.  She will have to make choices that only she can make and the truths that will be revealed to her will change everything.
  My Thoughts…
What happens when one of the most captivating epic series of the decade comes to an incredible conclusion?   You CRY!  No, just joshing ya!  Shadow Fever was everything I anticipated and more. As I read I was on edge, anxious, agog, and on cloud nine.  I have been a fan from the beginning. While many said that the first book was too slow paced, I now know that it had to be.  Our introduction to Mac 1.0 was a methodical and well thought out.  She was born to us in that first book, pink and clueless.  We’ve watched her grow and transform into what we would all want to be:  sexy, gorgeous, and with unlimited skin privileges to Jericho. Karen said that she knew all along how it would end.   KMM made bookstores sexy.  If only there were a Jericho in my neck of the woods. *sigh*   Shadow Fever is, in my opinion, an unbelievable kick-off to the 2011 reading year. Many will say that my review is mostly a recap of the other books in the series and has almost nothing about Shadow Fever. I didn’t want to spoil it for anyone.  There are so many twist and turns in the series, everyone should be able to go on the same journey with Mac as I did.  Suspense and surprises at every turn.  Just as I traveled with  Mac as she sorted through the truth, so should anyone that wants to read the book.  I truly savored this book, I could not put it down.  I can count on one hand the books that I await with a greedy hunger, and Shadow Fever did that for me.  I’m am dripping with excitement about the up coming series, where we will have a glimpse into Mac and Jericho’s lives.   As in the finale of the series, things have a way of coming back, or not really leaving in the first place, but transforming into something completely different.
The power of words to capture and transport our hungry souls, is simple amazing. Thank you Karen M. Moning. –Dana Alma
I give this book 5


Buy Now!

Favorite Quote: 
Images flash through my mind, those long incredible hours spent in a sex-drenched bed.  I smell Barrons on my skin, taste him on my lips.
I remember. I will never forget.  -Mac

"There's nothing I can't live with. Only things I won't live without." –Jericho


The Cheer….Hop & Follow

Posted on Jan 20, 2011 with 9 comments

Jan 20, 2011

Welcome to the Hop .The Hop lasts Friday-Monday every week, so if you don't have time to Hop today, come back later and join the fun!  This is a weekly event!  For rules please click on “Crazy-For-Books” badge below.

  Book Blogger Hop

This week's question comes from ( To Be Posted Later)


The Follow is always hosted by the creative and talented Parajunkee.

This week’s question is brought to us by:


Logan E. Turner @

Who do you cheer for?

I cheer for life.  Just when I feel as though I can take no more, I see something beautiful that gives me great joy.  I am surround by the my family, and of course my books.  I cheer every time others around my have success and joy.  Cheer away, it comes back to you.


ShadowFever Party!!!

Posted on Jan 17, 2011 with 5 comments

Jan 17, 2011

Since I can’t make it to NOLA for the launch of ShadowFever with my girl, Ms. Moning,  I’ve decided to have my own “one-girl” pity party. The following is what I plan to munch on. 

  • 2 ounces x-rated fusion liqueur

  • 1 ounce vodka

  • 1 dash peach schnapps (just a splash to taste) in honor of Mac’s Georgia roots

  • 1 dash grapefruit juice (just a splash to taste)

  • 1 maraschino cherry, for garnish (optional) Instructions:
    1.  Shake over ice and serve in a chilled martini glass.
    2.  Garnish with a cherry.
    3.   Enjoy!

  • Of course every girl needs munchies.  I will feast upon homemade Batata (sweet potatoes) chips,  antipasto,  and a variety of cheese, and of course yummy chocolate cookies.  

    *  Party Crashers Welcome, 80 degree weather , clear skies, and the beach is at our doorstep.*

    In Too Deep by Jayne Ann Krentz

    Posted on Jan 15, 2011 with 1 comment

    Jan 15, 2011

    Book 1 in the Looking Glass Trilogy
    (An Arcane Society Novel)              
    Genre: Paranormal Romantic Mystery 
    into deep
    Ever since meeting the handsome and intriguing Fallon Jones in Krentz’s Arcane Society Novels, we have wanted to hear his story.  Now, Fallon Jones takes center stage in the first book of the Looking Glass Trilogy.

    Fallon Jones heads Jones & Jones, a detective agency, whose main clientele are no other than the Arcane Society.  Jones & Jones is located in Scargill Cove, California.   Scargill Cove is a small town shrouded in mystery and intrigue.  The town is surrounded by what seems to be psychic energy, which would explain why so many with psychic gifts are attracted to the cove.  Fallon is an extremely private person, with a unique psychic ability.  He has been chasing what is left of the Nightshade organization and has taken on a new assistant, Isabella Valdez. 

    The lovely Isabella Valdez finds herself in the quaint and special Scargill Cove and knows right away she has found a safe haven.  She has found a job at Jones & Jones as an assistant, but as her psychic talents become more obvious to Fallon, her roll evolves.  Her investigative flair is exactly what Jones & Jones needs, more to the point it is exactly what Fallon Jones needs.

    The moment Isabella saw Fallon, she knew she wanted him.  His energy called to hers, drawing her into unknown waters.  Fallon has never felt the way he does for Isabella.  She is a mystery he wants to solve. They are both alone in the world.   When strange para-weapons begin to appear in town,  Fallon and Isabella begin to investigate.   Their investigation takes them into a world of mystery and danger, where they will uncover Scargill Cove’s deep dark secrets.

    Will the strange objects Isabella and Fallon find endanger the lives of the town?   Have  fractions of Nightshade begun to plot against the Arcane Society?  Who wants to destroy Jones & Jones?

    I gave this book a 3.5
    3.5 stars
    I thought that Krentz did a great job in telling Fallon’s story.  She kept true to his character seen in previous books and brought him to life in In Too Deep.  I loved the fact that both Isabella and Fallon are somewhat loners. They are a great team, the pages crackle with their passion.  I really liked the use of the para-weapons, it’s interesting.  Krentz lets us visit with old friends from the past and creates a great opening for the trilogy.  I’m really excited about the second book. 

    Note:  Jayne Ann Krentz  is also writes as Amanda Quick (historical) and as
     Jayne Castle (futuristic)

    Favorite Quote:  He dragged his mouth across hers as if he could somehow seal the bond between them with a kiss.  “Remember me,” he grated.  “Always.”  -Fallon and Isabella during a love scene.

    Publisher: Putnam Adult


    1st Week of the “ 400 Mile Fitness Challenge”

    Posted on Jan 8, 2011 with 7 comments

    Jan 8, 2011


    Hosted here @ Books, Fitness & Other Stuff

    Hey Chickies!                                                                                      Well, it has been a week since I started the 400 Mile Fitness Challenge.

    My miles for this week = 1 mile on treadmill.

    I know sad, sad, this week was a not very productive on the exercise front. I’m very pleased on the food intake though.  I only ate fresh fruits and veggies in the morning and had a sensible dinner at night.

    Gook Luck Everyone.  See ya next week.


    It’s Hopping Time!!!

    Posted on Jan 7, 2011 with 21 comments

    Jan 7, 2011

    Great to be visiting everyone’s blog again, a great way to spend the first Friday of the year.

      This week’s featured blog is Stalking the Book Shelves

    This week’s meme question:
    What book(s) have you discovered lately from someone's book blog?

    My Answer:        Waking the Witch by Kelley Armstrong

    Last year when I began my blog,  I came across Steph’s blog                Fangs, Wands & Fairy Dust and found some great titles



    This week's question comes from Ivan who blogs at Ivan Bookworm:

    "What book influenced or changed your life? How did it influence/change you?"

    My Answer:  If Tomorrow Never Comes by Sidney Sheldon

    This book rocked my world when I was a teen.  It had everything:  romance, action, sex, etc.  The first scene in the book is like, wow.  It really set the bar of what I was going to like in the future.  My taste in books are eclectic, but Sidney will remain one of my favorite authors.


    Ruthless Game by Christine Feehan

    Posted on Jan 6, 2011 with 1 comment

    Jan 6, 2011

    Book 9 in the GhostWalkers series.


    They are ghost, tied by bonds of honor and loyalty.  Each GhostWalker is unique and deadly.  As a team, they are virtually unstoppable. 

    Kane Cannon is a  GhostWalkers.  His natural psychic abilities have been enhanced, creating the perfect supersoldier.  While on a top secret mission with his team, Kane Cannon has found the one person he has been searching for, Rose Patterson.   In order to save her from the machinations of  Dr. Whitney, Kane helped Rose escape. Now, he has finally found her.

    Rose Patterson has lived her whole life as a prisoner to Dr. Whitney and his experiments.  She too, is a GhostWalker.  Rose has incredible physic abilities and has been trained to be a soldier since she was a child.  She is capable of protecting herself and the secret she holds dear. She never meant to run from him, but she had to protect her secret.

    When Kane finds Rose in the middle of a drug war, all his instincts come to the forefront.  He will protect what is his and kill anyone who tries to harm her.  Rose has never trusted anyone, until she met Kane.   She knows that he will defend her and her secret.

    What is Rose’s secret?   Will Kane be able to protect Rose?  Can they be able to break away from Dr. Whitney’s plans?


    I gave this book 4



    Ingenious!!! Imaginative!  Christine Feehan has done it again!!! Ruthless Game is everything I hoped it would be.  With each book you become a member of the GhostWalker team.  Their world is unique  and filled to the brim with action.   Rose and Kane’s story is a beautiful portrayal of how true love can burnish the emotional scares we carry.  I highly recommend this book and of course every single one of the books in the series.

    Favorite Quote:I’ll always be loyal, but you have to know I am a soldier.  That’s who I am.  I have a family we’ll be part of.  My first loyalty will always be to you.”  -Kane Cannon


    The GhostWalker Books

    Book 1
    Shadow Game
    Book 2
    Mind Game
    Book 3
    Night Game
    Book 4
    Conspiracy Game
    Book 5
    Deadly Game
    Book 6
    Predatory Game
    Book 7
    Murder Game
    Book 8
    Street Game

    Double Cross by Carolyn Crane

    Posted on Jan 2, 2011 with 1 comment

    Jan 2, 2011

    Book 2 in the The Disillusionist Trilogy                           
    Genre:  Urban Fantasy

    Midcity is a beacon for the highcaps, a place that draws them back every time.   The mayor, Otto Sanchez, has sworn to keep the city safe for its citizens.  Now, he must also stop The Dorks from killing the highcap inhabitants of Midcity, especially since he himself is a highcap. To do so, he will need the help of one man, Packard.  Packard will call on the help of his team to bring those responsible to justice.
    Justine Jones has a new life, now, as a Disillusionist.  She is part of an extraordinary supernatural team, lead by the enigmatic and brilliant Packard. She and Packard have history, and Justine has huge distrust issues with him.   She feels uneasy about what Packard and Otto ask her to do in the name of justice. At times she feels as though she is helping the city and at others feels as if she is stealing free will.  Otto only wants what is best for the city he loves.  Justine will do everything she can to help him. He is all that is kind and right in the world.   What happens when your gut tells you that the person you are sent to zing is innocent?  Will she always be a minion for Packard?  Do you take matters into your own hands?   Why is it that Packard gets under Justine’s skin, why can’t she forget a kiss? 
    Packard has to keep his pack with Otto in order to stay free of his former prison, Mongolian Delites Restaurant.  Keep the criminals off the street and make them upstanding citizens, that is the deal.  Packard will call to his Disilllusionist  to do Otto’s bidding.  He soon sees that he will have to make difficult choices and the reason is Justine.  She helped him escape his prison and he realizes things will have to change for the Disillusionist.  The past has returned to confront both Otto and Packard.  What secrets are behind The Dork attacks?  Why can’t Packard sleep?    Will the truth be known?


    I gave this book a 3.5
    3.5 stars
    I’ve been intrigued by this series since the first book Mind Games.  Carolyn has a way of drawing you into her original world. I suggest reading the first book in the series, Mind Games.   Although I didn’t start really enjoying this book until it was half way read, I glad I kept on reading.  I was in for a shock, and so will you..  The ending  promises so much more!!!  Double Cross is full of turns, twists, and questions.  Some of your questions will be answered, but many more will be born.  I can assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised and caught in Carolyn Cranes web of intrigue. I am anxious to read the next book. 

    Favorite Quote:  “You’ll be fine.  You are the bravest, best person I’ve ever known.  I see that.  I’ve always seen it.  I selfishly screwed things up for you.”   --Packard

    Book 1
    Mind Games


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