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Double Cross by Carolyn Crane

Jan 2, 2011

Book 2 in the The Disillusionist Trilogy                           
Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Midcity is a beacon for the highcaps, a place that draws them back every time.   The mayor, Otto Sanchez, has sworn to keep the city safe for its citizens.  Now, he must also stop The Dorks from killing the highcap inhabitants of Midcity, especially since he himself is a highcap. To do so, he will need the help of one man, Packard.  Packard will call on the help of his team to bring those responsible to justice.
Justine Jones has a new life, now, as a Disillusionist.  She is part of an extraordinary supernatural team, lead by the enigmatic and brilliant Packard. She and Packard have history, and Justine has huge distrust issues with him.   She feels uneasy about what Packard and Otto ask her to do in the name of justice. At times she feels as though she is helping the city and at others feels as if she is stealing free will.  Otto only wants what is best for the city he loves.  Justine will do everything she can to help him. He is all that is kind and right in the world.   What happens when your gut tells you that the person you are sent to zing is innocent?  Will she always be a minion for Packard?  Do you take matters into your own hands?   Why is it that Packard gets under Justine’s skin, why can’t she forget a kiss? 
Packard has to keep his pack with Otto in order to stay free of his former prison, Mongolian Delites Restaurant.  Keep the criminals off the street and make them upstanding citizens, that is the deal.  Packard will call to his Disilllusionist  to do Otto’s bidding.  He soon sees that he will have to make difficult choices and the reason is Justine.  She helped him escape his prison and he realizes things will have to change for the Disillusionist.  The past has returned to confront both Otto and Packard.  What secrets are behind The Dork attacks?  Why can’t Packard sleep?    Will the truth be known?


I gave this book a 3.5
3.5 stars
I’ve been intrigued by this series since the first book Mind Games.  Carolyn has a way of drawing you into her original world. I suggest reading the first book in the series, Mind Games.   Although I didn’t start really enjoying this book until it was half way read, I glad I kept on reading.  I was in for a shock, and so will you..  The ending  promises so much more!!!  Double Cross is full of turns, twists, and questions.  Some of your questions will be answered, but many more will be born.  I can assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised and caught in Carolyn Cranes web of intrigue. I am anxious to read the next book. 

Favorite Quote:  “You’ll be fine.  You are the bravest, best person I’ve ever known.  I see that.  I’ve always seen it.  I selfishly screwed things up for you.”   --Packard

Book 1
Mind Games

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  1. Nice review! while I enjoyed Mind Games I absolutely LOVED Double Cross! Im dying for book 3! =D


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