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New Year’s Hop & Resolutions

Posted on Dec 30, 2010 with 7 comments

Dec 30, 2010


Parajunkee will be asking this one question for the light hop.

Melissa from My words and pages has a placed a link. Check it out @


What are your new years book blogging resolutions?

My Resolutions:

1.  Apply more time to blogging during the week.

2.  Read more books per week.

3.  Post at least 2 reviews a week.

4.  Participate in more contest and challenges.

5.  Comment more on fellow blog pages.

6.  Complete sister blog for children books.

7.  Twitter when I’m not home via mobile, about books, until my fingers hurt.

8.  Volunteer at the local library reading books found on upcoming children site.

9.  Create new features on blog.

10.  Learn as much as I can to improve my blog.




Merry Christmas To All!!!

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Dec 24, 2010



Review: Chains of Ice by Christina Dodd

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This is the fourth book in the Chosen series by Christina Dodd


     The Others will stop at nothing to bring about the downfall of all that is good in the world.  That includes anything or anyone that has to do with the Chosen.  Although some of the Chosen have found mates and their powers have grown, evil will not be denied.  No one is safe, especially the Chosen and those they love.  

Isabelle Mason is a Boston socialite with the powers of an empath. She also happens to be one of the Chosen.  She has known from a young age that her calling in the life is to heal the sick and injured.  When asked to join the Chosen, her choice was clear.  Now, she finds herself part of a unique group of people whose powers will be used for good and the war against the others.  Everything in Isabelle’s world will soon change, leaving her in the saving hands of Samuel.

Samuel Faa is a lawyer with the powers to control minds.  He is an enigmatic, mystifying Chosen of Gypsy descent. He has spent his whole life chasing success and power.  Samuel had used his powers for his own personal ambition, until joining the Chosen.  Now, when the Chosen are faced with evil, Samuel will use his powers of persuasion to help the cause.  He  also happens to have a history with the beautiful Isabelle Manson.

Both Samuel and Isabelle find themselves part of a team that must save the world from evil, especially the lost children.  They will both us their powers to save and heal them.  Isabelle has tried at all cost to ignore her love for Samuel.  Samuel will case Isabelle to the ends of the earth to have her back.  Now, after running away from each other for so many years, they are thrown together and must fight for their lives. 

What will each be willing to sacrifice for the other?  Can love heal the pain from the past?

Chains of Fire: The Chosen Ones

I gave this book 4/5

Chains of Fire has ignited a fire in the Chosen series.  Samuel and Isabelle’s story will captivate you and  leave wanting more.  Christina Dodd has created an incredible world of characters that come to life on the pages of her books. If you haven’t had a chance to read the other books in the series, now is the time. 

Favorite Quotes:  “I don’t want to live in a world without you, but you must live for both of us.  Be strong.  Be honorable. Love with all your heart.  Laugh with all your soul.” – Isabelle Mason 

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3


Lunar Eclipse

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Dec 21, 2010

I try never to miss a lunar eclipse,  if I can help it.  There’s just something about them that mesmerizes me.  I recently came across a legend that stems from a lunar eclipse. This early morning eclipse inspired me to write about it.2s7dvnp

Lunar Legend:  (from the Caucasus mountains-Eurasia)

The Karačaïans believe that on the moon there is a handsome girl guarded by two dogs.   The evil spirit Žemilaùz, whose mouth is so large that when opened the lower lip lies on  the earth and the upper on the sky (žemìl = large, aùz = mouth), wants to devour her;  but he can do this only when the girl and the dogs are asleep. He watches this moment to swallow the moon with the girl and dogs. Thus begins the eclipse. The Karačaïans help the girl to be saved by means of shooting, shouting, and prayers. All this noise, they
believe, must awaken the dogs, which, on their part, will wake up the girl. The girl being awakened, she is beyond the power of Žemilaùz, who is then obliged to discharge the moon.

I find the legend a great find, you can really use it as inspiration for a great story.  Enjoy!!!

This legend was found on Nature homepage.

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It's Time for the Hop!

Posted on Dec 17, 2010 with 9 comments

Dec 17, 2010

This week's question comes from Alex @ Geek on the Brink:

What do you consider the most important in a story: the plot or the characters?

My Answer:       Great Character + Great Plot = Great Story

There can't be a story without an imaginative plot and great character.
 It has to be a balance of both things.

The characters speak to us, but the plot takes us to worlds only seen in dreams.


Taken By Midnight by Lara Adrian

Posted on Dec 12, 2010 with 2 comments

Dec 12, 2010

Book 8 of The Midnight Breed series.

sexy black guy

Jenna Darrow, a former Alaskan trooper, has survived the feeding of an ancient vampire, only to find herself thrown into a world she didn't know existed.  She’s now a  thousand of miles away from anything familiar and she no longer recognizes who she’s become.  Although she has been thrust into a bizarre world, she has found support from the strong and caring breed , Brock.

Brock, a breed warrior, doesn’t understand the strong attraction he feels for the human female he helped rescue from the Alaskan wilds. Now, back at the breed compound, his feelings are only becoming stronger for her.  She has been placed in his care, and he will do all in his power to accomplish his task. 

The breeds and the human race are under attack from Dragos and his minions.  He has become stronger and has more control than the breeds ever thought.  His diabolical plans are killing all that the breeds hold dear.  Only the breeds have the knowledge and the strength to bring down Dragos.

Brock’s feelings for Jenna are evolving into what can never be.  He is haunted by his failure to protect a young breedmate from the past.  Jenna can’t seem to get enough of Brock and has a uncontrollable desire for his blood.  Together they will try to find the missing breedmates and find Dragos.   They don’t know where Dragos will strike next, and every moment counts.  Jenna’s DNA is changing and her future is unknown.  The only thing she is certain of is that her love for Brock is all consuming.  Can they survive the terror Dragos has in store for them?  Can their love survive all the obstacles in their way?  

Taken by Midnight (The Midnight Breed, Book 8)

I gave this book 4/5
I just can’t get enough of these breeds.  Lara  Adrian leaves me wanting more after every book.  I
really am looking forward to Hunter’s and Chase’s story.

Favorite Quote: “God, I never planned on you, Jenna.  I thought I was playing it safe, but you’ve changed everything.” – Brock


Play of Passion by Nalini Singh

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Book 12 in the Psy/ Changeling Series


Lieutenant Indigo Riviere has had to fight for her position in the Snowdancer pack.  She is a dominate female and is highly respected in the pack.  Keeping the pack and the wolf alpha, Hunter, safe is her job.  She doesn’t have time for a relationship that will leave everyone involved burned. Pure Psy are targeting the wolves on their land and the pack is her priority.

Drew Kincaid, the Snowdancer tracker, has been in love with Indigo as long as he can remember.  She consumes his every breath and he wants to claim her.  It is an uphill battle with Indigo to accept him as a suitor, she sees no future for them.  He will have to use all the charm in his arsenal to tempt her. Danger is surrounding the wolf pack’s land and Drew’s wolf is struggling to keep Indigo safe.

Together Indigo and Drew unite to protect the pack.  Their feelings for each other can no longer be denied by Indigo.  Her wolf will make the decision for her, long before she the woman will acknowledge her feelings.  Will it be too late?   Psy will never stop trying to destroy the pack.  All Changelings must unite to protect what they have fought so long to protect.

Play of Passion (Psy/Changeling)

I gave this book 4/5


Wow!   I’m an huge fan of Nalini, she always keeps me hooked.  This book was not an exception.  I’m thrilled that this book is a step closer to Hunter’s story.  I have been dying for his story since forever.  This was a great book.  Stay tuned for more from Nalini Singh.  I really think some guys should study Drew’s moves, and use them too.

Favorite Quote: “I’ve got you, Drew.  Don’t you dare make me fall in     love with you and then leave me.  I’ll hunt you down in the afterlife if   I have to.” -Indigo


Touch of Temptation by Rhyannon Bryd

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Dec 10, 2010

Book 6 in the Primal Instinct Series


Chloe Harcourt is cursed witch and will never have a man love her without the allure of the curse.   She has always stayed away from love and relationships because she knows they will end badly.  She has watched the curse haunt her family and has vowed that she will never let it control her.  Until now….

Kellan Scott is a Lycan, and has the past of a roaring playboy.  He has never taken any relationship seriously, until now.  He has let his enemies take him prisoner and he will do what ever is necessary to save the little witch in the cell next to him.  She has haunted him ever since he saw her photo and learned of her abduction.

Kellen wants to be noble and not touch Chloe, but he can’t seem to keep his hands to himself.   She calls to his Lycan, and Kellen can not control the beast.   The beast wants Chloe and the beast will get what it wants.   Chloe knows that the only reason this incredible man wants her is because of the curse, but she can’t seem to stop herself from taking all that he is willing to give her.

Can Kellen rescue Chloe from their enemies and convince her that she belongs to him?   Can he show her that he is a worthy male?  Can they defeat the enemy?  

Touch of Temptation (Hqn)

I gave this book 4/5


Great series!!!   I love the way Rhyannon keeps me coming back for more.  A great cast of characters for future books.

Favorite Quote:  “I don’t need perfection.  All I need is you. Because I can’t be whole without you.”  - Chloe


When Wicked Craves by J.K. Beck

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Book 3 in the Shadow Keepers series.


When Alliance Tribunal sentences Petra Lang to death, she is helpless to save herself.  So many regrets in her short life, so much she hasn’t experienced yet.  The prophecy has come to pass and the only way the Alliance can assure their safety is to kill Petra.  Only a miracle can save her from execution, and that miracle has a name, Nicholas Montegue.

Petra Lang has always kept her powers a secret from the Alliance.  She is a witch that works as a P.I, but a family curse has given her a deadly gift.   She has created a calm illusion of a life, with her brother as her protector.  While investigating a case, she was captured and had to use her gift in order to escape death.  Now, her secret is out and she must find the antidote or run for the rest of her life.

Nicholas Montegue is a vampire advocate, who is representing Petra.  He had been her only hope during the trail.  Nic has to find the cure to Petra’s curse  or loose Serge.  She is the key to the cure and he must protect her from the Alliance. Can he save Serge and Petra?  Her touch has become everything to him.

Nicholas and Petra can not deny the explosive attraction they have for each other.  Petra has only one chance to be with Nicholas and she will take it.  Their feelings for each other are growing as they search for the answers to the curse. 

How will Nicholas react when he learns the secret to saving Serge?  Find out for yourselves and read this book.

When Wicked Craves


I gave this book 4/5


I love this series!!!  Can’t wait to see what Beck comes up with next. Get your hands on the series and enjoy.

Favorite Quote:  “You’re mine now,”  he said, needing her to understand this fully.  “You’re mine, and by the gods, I am yours.  And I will keep you safe.”   -Nicholas



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