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Play of Passion by Nalini Singh

Dec 12, 2010

Book 12 in the Psy/ Changeling Series


Lieutenant Indigo Riviere has had to fight for her position in the Snowdancer pack.  She is a dominate female and is highly respected in the pack.  Keeping the pack and the wolf alpha, Hunter, safe is her job.  She doesn’t have time for a relationship that will leave everyone involved burned. Pure Psy are targeting the wolves on their land and the pack is her priority.

Drew Kincaid, the Snowdancer tracker, has been in love with Indigo as long as he can remember.  She consumes his every breath and he wants to claim her.  It is an uphill battle with Indigo to accept him as a suitor, she sees no future for them.  He will have to use all the charm in his arsenal to tempt her. Danger is surrounding the wolf pack’s land and Drew’s wolf is struggling to keep Indigo safe.

Together Indigo and Drew unite to protect the pack.  Their feelings for each other can no longer be denied by Indigo.  Her wolf will make the decision for her, long before she the woman will acknowledge her feelings.  Will it be too late?   Psy will never stop trying to destroy the pack.  All Changelings must unite to protect what they have fought so long to protect.

Play of Passion (Psy/Changeling)

I gave this book 4/5


Wow!   I’m an huge fan of Nalini, she always keeps me hooked.  This book was not an exception.  I’m thrilled that this book is a step closer to Hunter’s story.  I have been dying for his story since forever.  This was a great book.  Stay tuned for more from Nalini Singh.  I really think some guys should study Drew’s moves, and use them too.

Favorite Quote: “I’ve got you, Drew.  Don’t you dare make me fall in     love with you and then leave me.  I’ll hunt you down in the afterlife if   I have to.” -Indigo

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