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When Wicked Craves by J.K. Beck

Dec 10, 2010

Book 3 in the Shadow Keepers series.


When Alliance Tribunal sentences Petra Lang to death, she is helpless to save herself.  So many regrets in her short life, so much she hasn’t experienced yet.  The prophecy has come to pass and the only way the Alliance can assure their safety is to kill Petra.  Only a miracle can save her from execution, and that miracle has a name, Nicholas Montegue.

Petra Lang has always kept her powers a secret from the Alliance.  She is a witch that works as a P.I, but a family curse has given her a deadly gift.   She has created a calm illusion of a life, with her brother as her protector.  While investigating a case, she was captured and had to use her gift in order to escape death.  Now, her secret is out and she must find the antidote or run for the rest of her life.

Nicholas Montegue is a vampire advocate, who is representing Petra.  He had been her only hope during the trail.  Nic has to find the cure to Petra’s curse  or loose Serge.  She is the key to the cure and he must protect her from the Alliance. Can he save Serge and Petra?  Her touch has become everything to him.

Nicholas and Petra can not deny the explosive attraction they have for each other.  Petra has only one chance to be with Nicholas and she will take it.  Their feelings for each other are growing as they search for the answers to the curse. 

How will Nicholas react when he learns the secret to saving Serge?  Find out for yourselves and read this book.

When Wicked Craves


I gave this book 4/5


I love this series!!!  Can’t wait to see what Beck comes up with next. Get your hands on the series and enjoy.

Favorite Quote:  “You’re mine now,”  he said, needing her to understand this fully.  “You’re mine, and by the gods, I am yours.  And I will keep you safe.”   -Nicholas


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