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Fave Show Hop and Follow

Posted on Feb 25, 2011 with 12 comments

Feb 25, 2011


Our feature this week is...


NaKesha of Totally Obsessed


Share your current fav television show! Tell us a bit about it...

Well, I have so many… I have a DVR to record all of them. I have fave paranormal which is Supernatural, and  Nikita, due to the fact that I fell in love with the first Nikita that ran on USA many years ago.  I really would freak it I had to choose just one. 

Supernatural is a drama and horror series which showcases just about anything paranormal.  Sam and Dean are so cute as they try to figure out all the paranormal angst.  For those of you who have never seen the show you can view it on the CW.


Nikita and I go way back.  I used to watch the Nikita series when it ran on USA.  I loved it so much, I cried when series ended.  I’m hoping the new series will do the old series justice.

Original series:

This is the new series..



This week's question comes from Jen B. who blogs at I Read Banned Books:

"Do you ever wish you would have named your blog something different?"

Yes and No!  Yes, because the name takes forever to type.  No, because it is what it is.  I thought of the name as a joke with my BFF!  She loved the name and the blog was born.  I am where I am because of the name.  The great things about blogs, you could always start another with a name you are really passionate about.    Have a great weekend!


Trailer Thursday

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Feb 24, 2011

Book, Movie, Comic, and Series Trailers are so tantalizing, just can’t get enough of them.
trailer thursday
This week I’m loving Jade Lee’s  new trailer for her upcoming book Wicked Seduction.


Her book trailer..

Pre-Order Wicked Seduction by Jade Lee today.

Review: Master of Smoke by Angela Knight

Posted on Feb 23, 2011 with 3 comments

Feb 23, 2011

Book 11 in the Mageverse Series

The Magerverse Series is a paranormal set in modern times with all the characters and magic found in King Arthur's realm. mastersmoke
Eva Roman helps run her father’s comic book store, she happens to be a walking superhero encyclopedia.  For years she has a kept a secret from her family, she’s a werewolf.  After a violent attack left Eva infected, she’s had to cope with all the physical changes involved with being a were.

Sensing a psychic disturbance, Eva feels compelled to investigate. She can feel when things aren’t quite right.  What she finds terrifies her to the depth of her soul.  The thing she fears most is attacking a man, right before her very eyes.

Smoke, a Sidhe warrior and shape shifter, has been captured by Warlock, an evil Dire Wolf, and the magic-charged leader of a cult of werewolves.  He has stolen  Smoke’s magic and kept him imprisoned.  When he captured Smoke, Smoke separated from his companion spirits, leaving him without his missing counter parts.

Now, the Sidhe warrior’s spirit is fighting against Warlock for his life.  Eva finds the warrior in the mist of the battle in the forest.

Having no recollection of who he is, Eva takes the warrior under her wing, naming him, David.  Eva has decided to help David fight the assassin werewolves sent by Warlock. They feel an instant attraction to each other. Sparks fly from the very beginning.

Will Eva and David find the answers to his past?  Will Eva finally find the answers that have eluded her all these years? Will Smoke be able to unite his companion spirits?

I give this book 4/5

Brilliant! Delightful! Supah!   An all out fracas with non stop action!  Fast paced, Smoking hot, no pun intended!  Grandmistress of fantasy and paranormal gives us more in her latest Magerverse novel. 
I love all Angela Knight’s book, but truth be told I think this book was her most witty and humorous to date.  I love how she created the sexy threesome, called Smoke.  Eva is such a likeable character and I love her references to comic book heroes.  We get to visit with some of our favorite characters from previous books.
Angela gives up a many titillating detail in her love scenes. Eva, David, Cat & Smoke are the best foursome! Just love Fluffy!  You’ll just have to read the book to find out about Fluffy.

Favorite Quote:  “I want you addicted to me.” He twined his warm fingers with hers.  “Because I’m definitely addicted to you.”—David

**Note:  Stay tuned to her next book in the Magerverse series Master of Shadows.  This will be Tristan and Belle’s story.

Sci Fi Friday Hop & Follow

Posted on Feb 18, 2011 with 10 comments

Feb 18, 2011

 4710921228_bf32d46f6d_o This week’s question is from:
Dreaming Button Image
Dreaming About Other Worlds
If  you are a fan of Science Fiction what is your favorite book? If you haven't read Science Fiction before...any inkling to? Anything catch your eye?

My Answer:  Time Enough for Love  by Robert A. Heinlein


Review: Devoured by Darkness by Alexandra Ivy

Posted on Feb 16, 2011 with 3 comments

Feb 16, 2011

Book 7 in the Guardians of Eternity Series
 41okaWK KmL__SL160_
Laylah is running for her life, this time from a vampire, one that is relentless in his pursuit.  She will never be taken prisoner again, too much is at stake.

Laylah is a Jinn, half human, half demon, the only one of her kind left. A mongrel they call her, one that must be put down.  Her powers are not the most stable, and she never knows exactly what will happen when she chooses to use them.   Laylah has the ability to “shadow walk”, traveling through space and time.  Now, that Caine has had to run from the Were’s, Laylah has been given her chance at freedom.  All she has to do is lose one irritating and  tenacious vamp.

Tane is a Charon, a vampire whose name strikes fear in hearts of others, even vampires.  He has been sent to capture the Jinn.  The Commission wants her brought in, she has been deemed a danger.  As he chases the Jinn through the underground tunnels, his reasons for finding her are starting to take on a completely different objective . 

When Tane finally captures Laylah, all the rules change.  He will learn her secrets and give his solemn vow to protect her.  Laylah hides a child and will keep the child safe, even if it means her life . The child is the key to the future of the world.

Seers, Oracles, Kings, Vampires, Hunters, Were. Mages, Fey, are hunting them. Marika, an evil vampire, wants the child!  Tane and Laylah will have to find the answers they seek before the enemy can find them.  Their love flourishes even among all the obstacles in their path. The question is, will they survive the clutches of evil?

I gave this book 4
Fabulous!  Devoured By Darkness is a finger licking good treat!  I enjoyed this book so much. Talk about a paranormal free for all, you have the gamut of fantasy in this series:  seers, oracles, kings, vampires, hunters, weres, mages, & fey.  There is something for everyone:  action, love, romance, fighting, and of course sex. I’ve been a fan of Alexandra Ivy’s The Guardians series for quite some time.  Tane and Laylah’s story is a terrific read.  They are the perfect match.  We get to see just about all our favorite characters in the series. If you haven’t read all the books in the series, I suggest that you do.  You won’t be disappointed. 

Visit  Alexandra Ivy and learn more!

Favorite Quote:  “Don’t ever dismiss what burns between us”, he rasped. - Tane

Publisher:  Zebra

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Feb 14, 2011


Valentine’s Day is such a blast!  

Flowers, chocolate, perfume, dinner out,candy galore,what more could you ask for? 

I wish the best to you all.

Make sure you make your Valentine’s Day memorable!!!


Hero Follow & Hop

Posted on Feb 11, 2011 with 6 comments

Feb 11, 2011


This week’s feature blog is:

Ruby's Reads Buddon
What is your favorite romance hero-type? Stereotype wise. Do you like the strong silent type or the brute macho man?

My answer:

My favorite hero-type has to be the Alpha male. I like them to be the brute macho man type, the type that falls hard and in passionate love with his female.



"Tell us about one of your posts from this week and give us a link so we can read it (review or otherwise)!"

I run daily dose of “Eye Candy” on my companion mini blog on tumblr.  You can see it in the bottom right corner here.  Lots to see and read.  

I have no reviews this week.  I’ve been reading like crazy, can’t get enough.  Your more than welcome to check out my other post.

Have a Great Weekend!


What I’m Reading Hop & Follow

Posted on Feb 4, 2011 with 10 comments

Feb 4, 2011

cfbmemebutton-2This week’s question is: 

 "What are you reading now and why are you reading it?"

I’m reading Master of Smoke by Angela Knight.  I’ve been a fan of Angela’s seen forever.  Love her work and her characters. 

master of smoke


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