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The 411 On Ur Blog Name Follow and Hop

Mar 17, 2011

4710921228_bf32d46f6d_o This week’s question is from Gone With The Words


Q. How did you come up with your blog name?

My answer:  They idea of starting a blog took on a life of it’s own when my best friend and I started to joke around about how there should be a place for people with book addictions.  The name just came to me and stuck.  It’s been one of the best ideas I ever had.  Everyday I meet some of the most talented and intelligent people in the blogosphere.  More importantly, these same bloggers are becoming my new friends.




This week's question comes from Somer who blogs at A Bird's Eye

Question:   "Do you read only one book at a time, or do you have several going at once?"

My Answer:  I give each book my undivided attention.  One at time is the method to my madness.


  1. Hey, there. I'm stopping by on the Hop. I just became a follower and look forward to reading more of your blog. Happy reading!

  2. Blog Hop Dance!

    I have been trying to read one book at a time this year. Success rate is about 75%.

    Stop on by for a cup of tea or to check out my giveaway :)

    Mad Scientist
    Steampunkery & Book Reviews

  3. I usually have multiple books going at one time, but I understand why I should give each book my undivided attention. I like your blog's name I feel like a book addict quite often.
    My Head is Full of Books

  4. I'm with you! You can see why I only read 1 at a time here:

    New follower, btw. Love your blog!

  5. I like to read one book at a time as well! Back in school days it was more difficult, but I still able to manage it and do well with whatever English book I was reading.

    Here's my Friday Hops

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower
    Jessica@a GREAT read

  6. Hopping through. I think Readaholics Anonymous is a fabulous name.
    My Hop

  7. Hopping on by. I only do one books at a time. It's an anxiety thing, cant wait to see how the couple gets to their HEA.

  8. Coming through on the blog hop.

    I have no problem reading two books at a time though it does not happen often. I generally like to finish one and then start another

  9. One at a time is a great method - and it's not madness :)

    Here's my Book Blogger Hop: 3/18-3/21 post!

  10. I usually read one book at a time as well.

  11. Not everyone can multi-task and nobody should. When it comes to book sure, I can't read four books simultaneously (or even two, for that matter!) but there are times I'll juggle as many as four books at a time depending on the subject matter, the urgency or more often both.

    The real trick to this is what KINDS of books to juggle. Hop on over to my blog and learn the method behind my madness - http://www.howardshermannet
    Howard Sherman


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