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Dear Judy Mays

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Apr 29, 2011

An author’s rights, “droit d'auteur”, does not only pertain to his or her copyright protection.

In my opinion it also pertains to their rights to be human.

Authors are divine creatures whose words have the unbelievable power to change the world one reader at a time.

The unearthed words painted by authors take us to places never known or seen until graced by our eyes.

Authors allow us to dream and to live through their art.

A storyteller is not a figment of our imagination that magically composes literature.

They are men and women of flesh and blood, who pour their hearts unto those pages we so dearly love.

They are mothers and fathers, sisters, and brothers, and yes teachers too.

An author’s mature words that paints an intimate portrayal of consensual adults are works of art.

We are all teachers in this world we live in, and essentially we want the same things.

The power of words can free you, the ability to learn and grow from those words will allow you to soar.

This is dedicated to Judy Mays, you have our support!

Judy Mays ROCKS!


Bomb Shelter Friday Follow

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This week's feature is from

  Marla @ Starting the Next Chapter

Q. Keeping with the dystopian and apocalypse theme that seems to be running rampant on, I have one very hard question for you: If you were stocking your bomb shelter, what books would you HAVE to include if you only had space for ten?

My Top Ten
(As of today these are my picks.   I am a fickle creature, it could change!)

~  The Bible
~ If Tomorrow Never Comes by Sidney Sheldon
~ Fever Series by Karen Moning (5)
~  MOONLIGHT Series by Nancy Gideon (3)

~Trailer Thursday~

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Apr 27, 2011

Book, Movie, Comic, and Series Trailers are so tantalizing, just can’t get enough of them.
trailer thursday
This Week’s Book Trailers…

Savage Nature by Christine Feehan


The book trailer…

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Abandon by Meg Cabot

Buy Today!

The book trailer…

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This Week’s Movie Trailers…


Devil’s Double

The Green Lantern

Movie & Tech News  by ETC


Review: Eternal Kiss of Darkness by Jeaniene Frost

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Book 2  in the The Night Huntress World series.


Kira Graceling just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  She is a Chicago private investigator, whose on her way home when she decides to help someone in need.  What Kira finds will change her life forever.

Mencheres, a centuries old, master vampire, is fighting monsters when he finds himself mortally injured, and the sunrise fast approaching.   He knows his death is eminent, until his finds the lovely Kira trying to protect him.

Mencheres has never had anyone do anything for him, now this human is risking her life to save him.  He in turn will save her, and change their lives forever.  

Kira and Mencheres are battling their feelings for each other.  Mencheres knows that if Kira stays with him, it will put her in danger, but he can not turn her away.  Mencheres has an enemy of old that wants him dead.  The enemy will use Kira against him, leaving Mencheres fighting for the woman he loves.

I gave this book 4 out of 5

Wondrous!  Menchres and Kira’s  passion is like being in a warm pool of yummines.  I really enjoyed this new book in the series. Jeaniene Frost has created a world where we all have made friends and continue to meet new and exciting characters. Cat & Bones pay a visit in this exciting book that delves deeper into the Night Huntress series.  We just can’t get enough of Bones and The Reaper!  Can’t wait to read THIS SIDE OF THE GRAVE!   I highly recommend reading the Night Huntress Series.

Publisher: Avon (July 27, 2010)

Source Code: R

~Mini Book Excerpt Monday~

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Apr 25, 2011

The Highlander Trilogy Book One
by Julianne MacLean
Excerpt From Chapter Three...

    Amelia sat on the floor of the cave, fighting against an overwhelming sense of defeat. No matter how hard she tugged and wrenched at the thin ropes binding her wrists, she could not free herself. She was trapped like a helpless fawn in a wolf’s den, and soon her captor would return and do what he’d wanted to do to her all along, since the moment he’d crept into her fiancé’s bedchamber.

Then suddenly he was there before her, kneeling down, pulling a knife from his boot. Terror exploded within her.
“Please,” she said, tugging harder and more desperately at the bonds. “If you possess the smallest shred of humanity, you will let me go. You must.”

He raised the knife in the dim light, and just when she thought he was going to cut her throat, he sliced through her bonds instead. They dropped lightly to the ground.

“You’re a fighter, aren’t you?” He took both her hands in his and held them up to inspect the undersides of her wrists. “I admire your tenacity, but look what you’ve done to yourself.”

A thin trail of blood was dripping down her arm. He reached for a cloth, dipped it into the pot of water that hung on a hook over the unlit fire, and touched it to her wrists. Gently, he washed the blood away.

“Are you going to kill me?” she asked, glancing uneasily at the sword he carried. “Because if I am to be put to death, I wish to know.”

He remained focused on what he was doing. “I’m not going to kill you.”

She was grateful for the information, certainly, but was still a far cry from feeling calm and reassured.

“What about the other Highlander?” she asked. “He doesn’t seem to like me very much.” She glanced toward the mouth of the cave.

“You’re right. He detests the very ground you walk on.” The Butcher folded the cloth and continued to wipe her forearm with the cleaner side of it.

“Why? Because I am English? Or is it because I am engaged to Colonel Bennett?”

He paused. “I reckon both those things make him want to murder you where you stand.”

The cloth touched a tender spot, and Amelia snapped her hand back.

He looked at her intently, and somehow without a single word, he persuaded her with his eyes to endure the discomfort without complaint. She found herself responding, as if she were being lured into a comfortable obedience...

"A passionate tale that will keep you up all night!"-
Elizabeth Hoyt, New York Times bestselling author


Happy Easter!!!

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Apr 24, 2011

To all my blogging family have a great Easter!

God bless you and yours!


Review: Deadly Vows by Brenda Joyce

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Apr 22, 2011

Book 9 in the Deadly Series ~ A Francesca Cahill Novel


      Francesca Cahill has become New York city’s most famous amateur sleuth. The heiress has helped solve numerous crimes, and has never been able to turn away from a mystery.  Her kind and generous nature is always helping others, even if it means she herself is placed in harms way.  

Francesca receives an anonymous note on her wedding day to a private viewing of her stolen portrait.  If society ever learned of the the portrait, it would destroy her loving family.  She has no idea it is only a trap, a trap meant to torment her and ruin her wedding day to Hart.  Someone wants to see her destroyed.

Calder Hart is one of New York’s wealthiest and most powerful business men.  He is known for his brilliance and his ruthlessness, but his life changed the day he met Francesca.  Hart has finally found the one true thing in his life that is pure and true, Francesca.  He is devastated when Francesca leaves him jilted at the the altar, but sees it as a sign of what is best.

Francesca escapes the trap set for her only to learn that she has missed her wedding and jilted her beloved Hart.  When she finds Hart and explains what happened, she finds herself with a man that no longer wants to marry her!

Francesca and Calder’s lives will be turned upside down as they follow all leads in search of the portrait.  While searching for the portrait Francesca will turn to police commissioner, Rick Bragg, to help her solve the mystery. Hart is consumed by jealousy as he watches Francesca join forces with Rick to find the blackmailer.

Francesca will fight for Hart and their love.  He’s noble nature be damned, she will show Hart that they are meant to be together. 

I gave this book a 4.5 out of 5

A beautiful “sui generis” series! Brenda Joyce has saved the best for last!  Delicious!  Deadly Vows is the perfect ending!  The Deadly Series also known as the Francesca Cahill Series is a gem.  I began reading the series in 2001 and was blown away from the very beginning. If anyone would of told me that I would be reading a historical novel set in New York City in 1902, I would have been dubious.  It is now one of my all time favorites. Deadly Vows continues the unique sleuthing series, with intelligent  dialogue, in depth characters, and page oozing sensuality.  Brenda Joyce’s second to none writing style draws us into this unique world,  rich with history and intrigue.  Deadly Vows gave us back, our beloved Hart.  Calder Hart is all that is dark, moody, and sexy as hell.  We feel his love for Francesca with each of his penetrating stares.  Brenda’s descriptions of Hart leave us hungry and eager for more!  Francesca drives us crazy as she puts herself in harms way on the streets of New York.  We love her to death, and want Hart and her to tie the knot.  I highly recommend this series, you will not be disappointed.  For more information on the series and other works by the talented Brenda Joyce visit her site or  Thank you Brenda for giving this fan her wish!

* Fan Note: I have waited five long years for this book to be published.  I emailed Brenda and begged for the conclusion of Hart’s and Francesca story, on many an occasion, only to learn that Brenda could only do so if her publisher gave the ok.  I was stricken with lose and devastation, the series had become one of my loves, it was like I had been reading and incredible story and then was left with no ending. I was never going to be able to ever finish the story, this was short of death for me.  Kind Ms. Joyce would always let her fans know how much she wished she too, could finish the story.  Fans of the series petitioned for the last book in the series, we watched and eagerly waited for news of any possibility of our ending coming to fruition. We would read every update posted on Brenda’s site in hopes of news.  Our dreams came true this past summer when Brenda  announced that she was given permission to write the next book in the series.  Finally, we wet our lips in anticipation of what Hart would do with Francesca and how the story would end.  I want to give HQN & Mira a heart felt thank you, thank you for allowing Brenda to complete her work of art.  The series was ended just as it should have and was absolutely perfect!

Fly Tunes Friday Follow

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This week's feature is:

Q. What is on your current playlist right now?

~Shiny Toy Guns
~Neon Trees
~Young Love
~The Sounds
~Blaqk Audio


~Trailer Thursday~

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Apr 20, 2011

Book, Movie, Comic, and Series Trailers are so tantalizing, just can’t get enough of them.
trailer thursday
This Week’s Book Trailers…

Courting Darkness by Yasmine Galenorn


The Book Trailer...

Pre-Order Today

 Nights Veil by Yasmine Galenorn


The Book Trailer…

Buy Now!

Save My Soul by Zoe Winters

Buy Now!

This Week’s Movie Trailers…

Stake Land
April 22, 2011

Sleeping Beauty
Coming Soon!

X-Men:First Class International Trailer 2 (2011) HD

~Mini Book Excerpt Monday~

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Apr 18, 2011

         The Charmer by Autumn Dawn
Charmer_4Website      Well, there was nothing more she could do right now, and she was tired of having the fire roast her front end while the cold air behind froze her butt. Time to crawl into her tent, shuck down to her long johns and hope she wouldn’t have to shiver too long before the down sleeping bag warmed up. Though come to think of it, the night almost seemed to be getting warmer.
Scoffing at her wishful thinking, she stood and kicked dirt over the fire. That’s when she saw them.


Freaky, glowing golden eyes. Lots of them.

Lemming growled and pressed so tightly against her that she nearly tripped as the eyes evolved into wolves with eerie, alien faces.

Slowly she reached for the 357 Smith and Wesson revolver strapped to her hip. The fur on the creature directly in front of her hackled and it snarled a warning that made the hair all over her own body stand on end. Lemming responded with a vicious snarl/bark that made her jump.

“Touch it and they’ll rip your throat out,” a man’s voice warned mildly from the dark on the other side of the clearing.

Jasmine strangled a yell and whipped her head to the side. “Who’s there?”

To read more from The Charmer by Autumn Dawn
visit her website @  or order her book .


Review: Navarro’s Promise by Lora Leigh

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Apr 17, 2011


Mica Toler has been one of the only true friends Cassandra Dash has ever known.  Mica is human, but lives in the Breed world.  She has had to learn how to protect herself and those she cares about because of the target the Breeds have become.  Her friendship with Cassie is unbreakable, one that can never be replaced.

Navarro Blaine is no ordinary breed.  He is an Alpha, who no longer has a pack.  He has sworn to protect Mica from  mad men who want a bargaining chip.  He can no longer hide his feelings for Mica, and soon will learn that he will no longer have a choice, nature will follow it’s own course.

Mica and Navarro’s path is riddled with danger, can they find each other in the mist of so much turmoil?

I gave this book a 2.5 out of 5


What Happened????  Navarro’s Promise was supposed to be another great story in the Breed’s series. I’m a huge fan of the series.  I’ve followed the series from the beginning and have never got tired of the characters.  There are no real surprises found in this story.  At first I couldn’t  put the book down, then I found myself up against a wall then in a bedroom!  I don’t understand what happened, but apparently there was a mistake made in editing, and pages are missing.  I feel this turned the story a bit sour for me.  I love the series, but felt disheartened with the lose of the story.  I just couldn’t feel the book afterwards.  Mica and Navarro’s story could of been is a morsel of what the lies in Lora Leigh’s bag of goodies, but I found the bag to be mostly air.  Yes, I know that’s harsh!  Please edit Cassandra’s story carefully!  I have been waiting so long for that story, I think I’d cry if the book had the same errors.    LL is aware of the missing pages in her book and is working with the publishers to correct the problem.

Publisher:  Berkley

Source Code: R

Paranormal Powers I'd Like To Have

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Apr 16, 2011

Larissa's Bookish Life has this great meme every week:

The theme for today is:

Paranormal Powers You'd Like To Have!
But first, a little bit about this feature and the rules to join in…

Every Sunday I will post a TOP 5 list on the blog.
 It can be about anything and every week I'll have a new theme  

Please visit her site to for rules to participate!

Here are MY TOP 5:

1.  The ability to walk Ley Lines!  I could go anywhere, past, future, and present!

2.  The ability to flyyyyyyyyyyyy!  This would be wild!

3.   Shifting!  Wow!  To be able to roam free with those beautiful beast!

4.  The ability to morph!  I could change in another person or just about anything!

5.  The ability it see into the future! 

Thx Larissa!

IRL Friday Follow and Hop

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This week's feature is :

Marie and Brie @ Romance Around the Corner

Q. Do you have anyone that you can discuss books with IRL? Tell us about him/her.

A.   Yes!  I have the best book buddy in the world.  We are best friends that love books.  If I read a great book, I have to tell all about it!  If she finds a great book, she has to tell me.  We are now separated by an ocean, but we get together as much as possible.  There always is a title in our weekly phone conversations.  Great question Marie and Brie!




Review: Lover Unleashed by J.R. Ward

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Apr 14, 2011

Book 9 in the The Black Dagger Brotherhood

lover unleashed

Payne, twin sister of Vishous, has had a terrible accident.  After years of living in forced imprisonment by the hands of the Scribe Virgin, she is now faced with being paralyzed.

Jane knows the only person capable of operating on Payne and saving her is Manny, her former boss.  Vishous is in an unstable place, Payne’s injury has left him shaken and Jane knows she must help Payne recover, or she just might lose her mate.

Manuel Manello, M.D. is one of the finest surgeons in his field, the monotony of life is beginning to take it’s toll, and he can no longer find  joy in his life.  That is, until Manny sets eyes on Payne.

Payne is being hunted, and  Xcor is coming to kill her.  He has sworn to kill his father’s murderer and set claim to all the Brotherhood has.  He attempts to use his own race to dethrone the king.

Payne and Manny will have to fight for their love in the face of so much adversity.  It will be a passionate and sensual journey, that will bring them both together.


I give this book 4 out 5

Insatiable!  Potent!  Fangtastic!  Lover Unleashed is more of what we have all wanted and waited for.  Book 9 and I still can’t get enough of the brothers.  In Lover Unleashed we learn of Payne’s fate and sit by her side during her struggle.  Manny is just what the doctor ordered, a  fine specimen of a human with the ability to draw ohs and ahs from us all. J.R. Ward is clever and sagacious when it comes to her Black Dagger Brothers, giving us what we wanted and never knew we needed.  She kicks it up a notch as she allows us to see deeper into Vishous and Jane’s marital turmoil. The book was titled to perfection.  There are new characters on the playing field and they are not wearing wearing our favorite shitkickers.  Lover Unleashed is one of the reasons I keep reading J.R. Ward, she is witty and perceptive in her writing.  I can’t wait to find out what happens next in the series!!!

Publisher:  NAL Hardcover (March 29, 2011)

Source Code: R

~Trailer Thursday~

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Book, Movie, Comic, and Series Trailers are so tantalizing, just can’t get enough of them.
trailer thursday
This Week’s Book Trailers…


The book trailer…

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Nowhere Near Respectable by Mary Jo Putney


The book trailer…

Pre-Order NOW!

Goddess of Vengeance by Jackie Collins


Book Trailer…

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Found by Margret Peterson Haddix


The book Trailer…

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This Week’s Movie Trailers…

The Perfect Host

The Woman In Black

Rise of the Planet of the Apes



~Mini Book Excerpt Monday~

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Apr 11, 2011

  She couldn’t hold back the plea any longer. “Please, it hurts.” “Move so much as an inch and they’re going to have us before we’re close enough to the hotel to be safe,” the driver bit out furiously. “Just a few more blocks, Navarro. You don’t have a fucking inch to spare. You’re already all but crawling into the front seat here.” Navarro could feel the impulses raging inside him, tearing at his senses as he fought to hold his place. Another part, a more primal, intent part of his mind demanded he move, that he ease the pain he could more than feel. He could smell it. A thick, rich scent of heat, like wood burning.In Mica, it was stronger than that of an ember, but not yet a blaze.



Judging a Book Friday Follow & Hop

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Apr 8, 2011

hop This week’s feature is brought to us by:



Lesley @ My keeper shelf

Q. Do you judge a book by it's cover?

Answer:  Yes and No!  Here’s dealio;  If it’s an author I know and have been on the look out for his or her book, then my answer is No, the cover doesn’t matter to me.   Now, I always buy something extra and that extra has to catch my eye, it has to compete with all the other covers on the shelf. So, YES, covers do matter! 



Later today!….


200th Follower Giveaway WINNNER!!!

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Apr 7, 2011


Wendy @ Wall-to-Wall Books


~ Winners have 24 hours to respond with  information. ~
~Failure to respond results in me choosing another winner. ~

Trailer Thursday

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Book, Movie, Comic, and Series Trailers are so tantalizing, just can’t get enough of them.
trailer thursday This Week’s Book Trailers….

A Bloody London Sunset by Jaz Primo


The Book Trailer…

Pre-Order NOW!

Love Bleeds by Maggie James

  LOVE BLEEDS FINAL coverfull[1]

The Book Trailer…

Buy NOW!

Dead by Morning  by Beverly Barton


The Book Trailer…

This Week’s Movie Trailers…

The Hangover Part 2

Green Lantern


Mini Book Excerpt Monday

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Apr 4, 2011

 Paranormal Romance

LOVE BLEEDS FINAL coverfull[1]

Welcome ladies."  A deep voice spoke from behind them.

Kat's breath caught mid-sentence When she realized they were no longer alone.  She turned cautiously to see the handsome lead singer standing behind them in the shadows.  Dressed in an unbuttoned, flowing white shirt and tight fitting black leather pants with a black linen jacket thrown casually over his shoulder;   he buttoned his sleeves at the wrists as he approached.  He appeared to have  recently showered judging from the way his damp, golden brown hair hung loosely over his rose colored cheeks.  He flashed a devilishly handsome grin and took long confident steps towards them.

Love Bleeds by Maggie James

April Fools Follow

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Apr 1, 2011

This week's feature:

Q. What is the book that you really don't want to admit to loving??

Answer:    Oh, I'm easy, and I'm not proud.  I'll read anything...
If I like it, I like it. 


"Since today is April Fool's Day in the USA, what is the best prank you have ever played on someone OR that someone has played on you?"

I really can't remember any pranks, but I know I have in the past. 

Don't forget to sign up for the giveaway!!!


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