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Review: Deadly Vows by Brenda Joyce

Apr 22, 2011

Book 9 in the Deadly Series ~ A Francesca Cahill Novel


      Francesca Cahill has become New York city’s most famous amateur sleuth. The heiress has helped solve numerous crimes, and has never been able to turn away from a mystery.  Her kind and generous nature is always helping others, even if it means she herself is placed in harms way.  

Francesca receives an anonymous note on her wedding day to a private viewing of her stolen portrait.  If society ever learned of the the portrait, it would destroy her loving family.  She has no idea it is only a trap, a trap meant to torment her and ruin her wedding day to Hart.  Someone wants to see her destroyed.

Calder Hart is one of New York’s wealthiest and most powerful business men.  He is known for his brilliance and his ruthlessness, but his life changed the day he met Francesca.  Hart has finally found the one true thing in his life that is pure and true, Francesca.  He is devastated when Francesca leaves him jilted at the the altar, but sees it as a sign of what is best.

Francesca escapes the trap set for her only to learn that she has missed her wedding and jilted her beloved Hart.  When she finds Hart and explains what happened, she finds herself with a man that no longer wants to marry her!

Francesca and Calder’s lives will be turned upside down as they follow all leads in search of the portrait.  While searching for the portrait Francesca will turn to police commissioner, Rick Bragg, to help her solve the mystery. Hart is consumed by jealousy as he watches Francesca join forces with Rick to find the blackmailer.

Francesca will fight for Hart and their love.  He’s noble nature be damned, she will show Hart that they are meant to be together. 

I gave this book a 4.5 out of 5

A beautiful “sui generis” series! Brenda Joyce has saved the best for last!  Delicious!  Deadly Vows is the perfect ending!  The Deadly Series also known as the Francesca Cahill Series is a gem.  I began reading the series in 2001 and was blown away from the very beginning. If anyone would of told me that I would be reading a historical novel set in New York City in 1902, I would have been dubious.  It is now one of my all time favorites. Deadly Vows continues the unique sleuthing series, with intelligent  dialogue, in depth characters, and page oozing sensuality.  Brenda Joyce’s second to none writing style draws us into this unique world,  rich with history and intrigue.  Deadly Vows gave us back, our beloved Hart.  Calder Hart is all that is dark, moody, and sexy as hell.  We feel his love for Francesca with each of his penetrating stares.  Brenda’s descriptions of Hart leave us hungry and eager for more!  Francesca drives us crazy as she puts herself in harms way on the streets of New York.  We love her to death, and want Hart and her to tie the knot.  I highly recommend this series, you will not be disappointed.  For more information on the series and other works by the talented Brenda Joyce visit her site or  Thank you Brenda for giving this fan her wish!

* Fan Note: I have waited five long years for this book to be published.  I emailed Brenda and begged for the conclusion of Hart’s and Francesca story, on many an occasion, only to learn that Brenda could only do so if her publisher gave the ok.  I was stricken with lose and devastation, the series had become one of my loves, it was like I had been reading and incredible story and then was left with no ending. I was never going to be able to ever finish the story, this was short of death for me.  Kind Ms. Joyce would always let her fans know how much she wished she too, could finish the story.  Fans of the series petitioned for the last book in the series, we watched and eagerly waited for news of any possibility of our ending coming to fruition. We would read every update posted on Brenda’s site in hopes of news.  Our dreams came true this past summer when Brenda  announced that she was given permission to write the next book in the series.  Finally, we wet our lips in anticipation of what Hart would do with Francesca and how the story would end.  I want to give HQN & Mira a heart felt thank you, thank you for allowing Brenda to complete her work of art.  The series was ended just as it should have and was absolutely perfect!


  1. Nice review Dana, you have made me curious to this series. I do believe there are some hiding on my shelves.

  2. What a great review!!! I haven't read this series, but you can bet your bottom dollar I am now. Thanks for this, Dana! I'm really excited!


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