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Dear Judy Mays

Apr 29, 2011

An author’s rights, “droit d'auteur”, does not only pertain to his or her copyright protection.

In my opinion it also pertains to their rights to be human.

Authors are divine creatures whose words have the unbelievable power to change the world one reader at a time.

The unearthed words painted by authors take us to places never known or seen until graced by our eyes.

Authors allow us to dream and to live through their art.

A storyteller is not a figment of our imagination that magically composes literature.

They are men and women of flesh and blood, who pour their hearts unto those pages we so dearly love.

They are mothers and fathers, sisters, and brothers, and yes teachers too.

An author’s mature words that paints an intimate portrayal of consensual adults are works of art.

We are all teachers in this world we live in, and essentially we want the same things.

The power of words can free you, the ability to learn and grow from those words will allow you to soar.

This is dedicated to Judy Mays, you have our support!

Judy Mays ROCKS!

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