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Apr 18, 2011

         The Charmer by Autumn Dawn
Charmer_4Website      Well, there was nothing more she could do right now, and she was tired of having the fire roast her front end while the cold air behind froze her butt. Time to crawl into her tent, shuck down to her long johns and hope she wouldn’t have to shiver too long before the down sleeping bag warmed up. Though come to think of it, the night almost seemed to be getting warmer.
Scoffing at her wishful thinking, she stood and kicked dirt over the fire. That’s when she saw them.


Freaky, glowing golden eyes. Lots of them.

Lemming growled and pressed so tightly against her that she nearly tripped as the eyes evolved into wolves with eerie, alien faces.

Slowly she reached for the 357 Smith and Wesson revolver strapped to her hip. The fur on the creature directly in front of her hackled and it snarled a warning that made the hair all over her own body stand on end. Lemming responded with a vicious snarl/bark that made her jump.

“Touch it and they’ll rip your throat out,” a man’s voice warned mildly from the dark on the other side of the clearing.

Jasmine strangled a yell and whipped her head to the side. “Who’s there?”

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  1. Oh Im intrigued! Why does she want to grab that gun and is that a wolf? I so want to know! Great mini! Ill be adding this to my TBR list.


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