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Review: Navarro’s Promise by Lora Leigh

Apr 17, 2011


Mica Toler has been one of the only true friends Cassandra Dash has ever known.  Mica is human, but lives in the Breed world.  She has had to learn how to protect herself and those she cares about because of the target the Breeds have become.  Her friendship with Cassie is unbreakable, one that can never be replaced.

Navarro Blaine is no ordinary breed.  He is an Alpha, who no longer has a pack.  He has sworn to protect Mica from  mad men who want a bargaining chip.  He can no longer hide his feelings for Mica, and soon will learn that he will no longer have a choice, nature will follow it’s own course.

Mica and Navarro’s path is riddled with danger, can they find each other in the mist of so much turmoil?

I gave this book a 2.5 out of 5


What Happened????  Navarro’s Promise was supposed to be another great story in the Breed’s series. I’m a huge fan of the series.  I’ve followed the series from the beginning and have never got tired of the characters.  There are no real surprises found in this story.  At first I couldn’t  put the book down, then I found myself up against a wall then in a bedroom!  I don’t understand what happened, but apparently there was a mistake made in editing, and pages are missing.  I feel this turned the story a bit sour for me.  I love the series, but felt disheartened with the lose of the story.  I just couldn’t feel the book afterwards.  Mica and Navarro’s story could of been is a morsel of what the lies in Lora Leigh’s bag of goodies, but I found the bag to be mostly air.  Yes, I know that’s harsh!  Please edit Cassandra’s story carefully!  I have been waiting so long for that story, I think I’d cry if the book had the same errors.    LL is aware of the missing pages in her book and is working with the publishers to correct the problem.

Publisher:  Berkley

Source Code: R


  1. missing pages??? seriously?? thats preposterous!!!

    love this series, but might wait to get this one! =/

  2. Hi, I am a big fan of the Breed series, but Navarro's Promise fell flat before I got to the missing pages. Liegh can tell a great story, so I am disappointed in the inconsistency here. Halfway through Navarro gets in touch with his beast and charges Mica, than as things heat up he feels his animal really snap, then afterward Mica doesn't feel claimed( with the reader thinking she should) and then Navorro realizes his beast is still recessive (so what happened?) Then Mica realizes she needs to share her pain to bring Navarro's animal forward, but instead just makes him jealouse (which kind of happened already and is a let down.) Inconsistency...who is the spy, how does Brandenmore get out? And on top of that where is the tenderness? Name one romantic moment between the leads. The author mentions that Navarro first experienced emotion when he met Mica. Give me that scene, don't just tell me about it. Okay, maybe I've been thinking about this too much, but I love this series. Next time I hope Ms. Leigh slows down and really crafts a good read, like Mercury's War or Megan's Mate. ---- Cheryl Lynne


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