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IRL Friday Follow and Hop

Apr 16, 2011

This week's feature is :

Marie and Brie @ Romance Around the Corner

Q. Do you have anyone that you can discuss books with IRL? Tell us about him/her.

A.   Yes!  I have the best book buddy in the world.  We are best friends that love books.  If I read a great book, I have to tell all about it!  If she finds a great book, she has to tell me.  We are now separated by an ocean, but we get together as much as possible.  There always is a title in our weekly phone conversations.  Great question Marie and Brie!




  1. Hopping through. You're super lucky to have a reader best friend. I wish my friends loved to read as much as me.
    My Hop
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  2. I have a couple of really good bloggy friends that I discuss books with and a couple friends on Shelfari.
    I also discuss books with my daughter. Usually I tell her to read them, and she does and loves them! She's such a good girl, she'll do anything I tell her!

  3. It's great that you have someone with whom you can share your books. I discuss them with my sister, and as we are both at a wedding tonight, I'm sure the topic of books will come, with our hubbies rolling their eyes of course.

    I'm an old follower, wishing you a great weekend!

  4. Hey Dana-gurl!!

    Girl you are too funny! I'm glad you hopped into the Hollow.

    Have an awesome weekend! I'll tweet ya later! XD



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