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Ruthless Game by Christine Feehan

Jan 6, 2011

Book 9 in the GhostWalkers series.


They are ghost, tied by bonds of honor and loyalty.  Each GhostWalker is unique and deadly.  As a team, they are virtually unstoppable. 

Kane Cannon is a  GhostWalkers.  His natural psychic abilities have been enhanced, creating the perfect supersoldier.  While on a top secret mission with his team, Kane Cannon has found the one person he has been searching for, Rose Patterson.   In order to save her from the machinations of  Dr. Whitney, Kane helped Rose escape. Now, he has finally found her.

Rose Patterson has lived her whole life as a prisoner to Dr. Whitney and his experiments.  She too, is a GhostWalker.  Rose has incredible physic abilities and has been trained to be a soldier since she was a child.  She is capable of protecting herself and the secret she holds dear. She never meant to run from him, but she had to protect her secret.

When Kane finds Rose in the middle of a drug war, all his instincts come to the forefront.  He will protect what is his and kill anyone who tries to harm her.  Rose has never trusted anyone, until she met Kane.   She knows that he will defend her and her secret.

What is Rose’s secret?   Will Kane be able to protect Rose?  Can they be able to break away from Dr. Whitney’s plans?


I gave this book 4



Ingenious!!! Imaginative!  Christine Feehan has done it again!!! Ruthless Game is everything I hoped it would be.  With each book you become a member of the GhostWalker team.  Their world is unique  and filled to the brim with action.   Rose and Kane’s story is a beautiful portrayal of how true love can burnish the emotional scares we carry.  I highly recommend this book and of course every single one of the books in the series.

Favorite Quote:I’ll always be loyal, but you have to know I am a soldier.  That’s who I am.  I have a family we’ll be part of.  My first loyalty will always be to you.”  -Kane Cannon


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  1. Great review! I have yet to read anything by Christine Feehan! I think I need to change that LOL


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