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In Too Deep by Jayne Ann Krentz

Jan 15, 2011

Book 1 in the Looking Glass Trilogy
(An Arcane Society Novel)              
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Mystery 
into deep
Ever since meeting the handsome and intriguing Fallon Jones in Krentz’s Arcane Society Novels, we have wanted to hear his story.  Now, Fallon Jones takes center stage in the first book of the Looking Glass Trilogy.

Fallon Jones heads Jones & Jones, a detective agency, whose main clientele are no other than the Arcane Society.  Jones & Jones is located in Scargill Cove, California.   Scargill Cove is a small town shrouded in mystery and intrigue.  The town is surrounded by what seems to be psychic energy, which would explain why so many with psychic gifts are attracted to the cove.  Fallon is an extremely private person, with a unique psychic ability.  He has been chasing what is left of the Nightshade organization and has taken on a new assistant, Isabella Valdez. 

The lovely Isabella Valdez finds herself in the quaint and special Scargill Cove and knows right away she has found a safe haven.  She has found a job at Jones & Jones as an assistant, but as her psychic talents become more obvious to Fallon, her roll evolves.  Her investigative flair is exactly what Jones & Jones needs, more to the point it is exactly what Fallon Jones needs.

The moment Isabella saw Fallon, she knew she wanted him.  His energy called to hers, drawing her into unknown waters.  Fallon has never felt the way he does for Isabella.  She is a mystery he wants to solve. They are both alone in the world.   When strange para-weapons begin to appear in town,  Fallon and Isabella begin to investigate.   Their investigation takes them into a world of mystery and danger, where they will uncover Scargill Cove’s deep dark secrets.

Will the strange objects Isabella and Fallon find endanger the lives of the town?   Have  fractions of Nightshade begun to plot against the Arcane Society?  Who wants to destroy Jones & Jones?

I gave this book a 3.5
3.5 stars
I thought that Krentz did a great job in telling Fallon’s story.  She kept true to his character seen in previous books and brought him to life in In Too Deep.  I loved the fact that both Isabella and Fallon are somewhat loners. They are a great team, the pages crackle with their passion.  I really liked the use of the para-weapons, it’s interesting.  Krentz lets us visit with old friends from the past and creates a great opening for the trilogy.  I’m really excited about the second book. 

Note:  Jayne Ann Krentz  is also writes as Amanda Quick (historical) and as
 Jayne Castle (futuristic)

Favorite Quote:  He dragged his mouth across hers as if he could somehow seal the bond between them with a kiss.  “Remember me,” he grated.  “Always.”  -Fallon and Isabella during a love scene.

Publisher: Putnam Adult

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  1. Nice review! I had not heard of this author b4, sounds good =D


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