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Frostfire by Lynn Viehl

Jan 27, 2011

A Novel of the Kyndred
      Lilah Devereaux has just been fired from her job,and to top it all off, someone stole her car. She will have to move before they come looking for her.  Where will she go, now? She will have to change her name.  Who is Lilah Devereaux? Lilah has had many names, changing it wont be the problem. She has no one to turn to in times of need. Voluptuous, red haired, Lilah is beautiful and seems to have no problem garnering attention. Yet, she is alone in the world.  She has a secret talent that GenHance is willing to kill for.  The only friends she has are the Takyn, whom she has never seen. It is time to move on, once again.
      The following day Lilah finds herself handcuffed to a nude man in the back of reefer truck.  It would seem she has been drugged and she knows exactly who has taken her captive.
     Walker Kimball doesn’t understand why he is alive and  in a truck.  He was supposed to have died, the last thing he can remember is dying in a field in Afghanistan. Something feels different, it’s as if he’s changed. Why is he alive?  Not only is he alive, he is bound to a woman.  Who is this woman he’s handcuffed to?  Where are they being taken?  She is stunning, her skin is like alabaster and her hair the color of the setting sun.  He feels a strange connection to her. His every instinct is to protect her.  He doesn’t want to go on living, but now he will give his life for the woman next to him.
     Although it has only been a short time Lilah has spent in the back of the truck with Walker, she has the profound knowledge that her future is with this man.  It doesn’t matter who Walker is or was.  Lilah has never felt the way she does about this man, she knows from the dept of her soul that they are meant to be together.
     GenHance has been taking injured and dead soldiers from the battlefields of Afghanistan and subjecting them to their experiments.  Lilah and Walker will have to escape before they reach their destination.  Along the way Lilah and Walker come across a small town up in the Colorado mountains that has secrets of its own.  There a battle will be fought and they will discover hidden secrets the town has kept for centuries. 
Walker will have to face his old and new enemies.  He is not who he seems.  Will he be able to keep Lilah safe?  Can Lilah’s friends be trusted?  Is he worthy of a second chance?

I gave this book 4/5

Superior!  First-class! Noteworthy!  Lynn Vielh has done it once more.  Frostfire is a fantastic work of fiction that is sure to delight.  Frostfire transports us to into the world of the Kyndred with the extraordinary elements of the Darkyn, a new series with new twists to an incredible genre. Lilah and Walkers story is a fast paced story filled with passion and secrets. Around every corner we find more answers to the puzzle.  I loved this book.  I am partial, due to the fact that I love all works from Lynn, but the girl can write.   There are many surprises in this book and of course we are left wanting more.  Don’t worry the next book in the series is in the works.  Go out and buy this book.

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Favorite Quote:  “Walker, you’re not just the man I love.  Your are my life.”-Lilah

Publisher:  Signet Select 


  1. Great review. I have the 3 Kyndred books in my to be read pile that I have named Mt Readmore. I am thinking they may need to be moved up some.

  2. I wanted to let you know that I am a huge fan of the "Daily doses of eye candy"!!! So keep em comin! LOL

  3. Great review! I hate yet to read this author =P



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