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Jan 25, 2011

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Thought book blogging was only about writing and reading reviews, following fellow bloggers, or weekly memes?  Well, times are a changing and Chat Rooms are just one more of the ways to connect over a good books.

With all the new programs available via the internet, anyone can take part in incredible aspects of the internet.  One of those is being able to bring fellow bloggers together on a different level of interaction in  chat rooms.  Most of us chat already, but when you throw in a great topic, great company, fun prizes, or a guest author, you have a winning recipe.  

Everyone is invited and you are allowed to bring as many friends as you like. Dress code is not an issue.  The theme can be an author, a book, a series, etc.,  anything you like.  You don’t even have to leave your homes. You get to mingle with book lovers from around the globe.  Who wouldn’t want to party?

This past week I participated in two chats and had an awesome time on both counts.  The first was at The Knight Agency- TKA CHATS with the lovely Stephanie Rowe and her new book Kiss At Your Own Risk . Second to present itself was BOOKISH ESCAPE! hosted by Jackie at Literary Escapism and Larissa Larissa Benoliel, the topic for the night was Mercy Thompson Talk.  I had such a terrific time on each occasion.  I even won a prize on Bookish Escape!

 A special shout out to Jackie and Larissa, the chat was great fun.
 The chat rooms are all fairly easy to use.  Some chat rooms only offer text-based chat and others have video and calls.   Don’t feel intimidated by participating in a chat the next time you are invited to one.  Everyone participating is always eager to help out with any questions you may have. Take time to view upcoming events and mark your calendars.
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