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Season 2 Premier ~ Lost Girl Recap

Apr 17, 2012

"Something Wicked This Fae Comes"
Season 2 Episode 1
It is three weeks after Aoife's attack. The Ash is close to death. Trick with the help of Bo, Kenzi and Hale is trying to keep things under control as the Dark Fae try to take advantage of the situation. Dyson returns after being missing since seeing the Norn, but his relationship with Bo suffers. A cursed group of Fae disguised as a travelling circus arrive and break the connection between The Ash and the land in order to claim it for themselves. Bo, with the help of Dyson, Hale and Kenzi, manage to stop their plans from succeeding. Dyson admits to Bo that the Norn took his love for her and that they cannot be together. At the end of the episode, a strange young Fae warns Bo that something old and evil is coming for her, but gives no specific information.

My Take: 
Season 2 picks up three weeks after Aoifa set chaos to roll through Faeville.  She is no longer in the picture and she's left the fae world in an upheaval.   Bo is tracking down nasty fae, that are under the assumption that if the Ash is out of commission, they have free rein.  Bo is getting much needed help from Hale in the capture of the baddies, with Trick heading the containment of the unruly fae.  Bo has had to find humans and get her succubus on because Dyson is MIA.   Lauren is running on fumes and is in need of a nap, but she can't seem to find the time to catch some Z's.
        A weird circus side show entourage stops and calls for a tow and ends up letting their "pet thing" loose, allowing it to kill the tow guy.   (Talk about a funky group of freaks)
     Lauren wants to check out the site of the killing and takes Bo and Kenzi along.  They find tracks and will need a tracker.  Kenzi reminds them that their personal tracker is missing. Bo voices her concern that he may be hurt.
   Back at the headquarters Hale is reading off all of Dyson's offenses while he waits in handcuffs.  After taking full responsibility for Dyson the cuffs come off and Hale wastes no time bringing him up to date. Dyson asks about Bo and Hale tells him that she'll be happy to see him.
   Pet freak is coughing up the remains of the tow dude and hands it offer to his handler (No pun intended), he takes it and gives it to what looks like a china-man with a suntan gone wrong.
      Bo and Kenzi  find a tracker to help them find the fae involved in the killing.  They arrive to the site of the traveling side show and see all the crazy fae.  "The Master of the Ceremonies" a.k.a.  pet freak's handler greets them and explains that one of his freaks escaped and killed, but that he now have things in hand.  The girls leave without a stir, because Bo feels like they need Trick's permission. As they are leaving Bo spots a little girl in the mist of the carnies.
Lost Girl - 02x01 Something Wicked This Fae Comes
     While the Ash is in a coma, Buzz Porter is acting as the active Ash.  At the Da'l Trick wastes no time in telling him exactly what he thinks and how he should behave while assuming the role of Ash.  Porter seems more interested in filling his mug with mead than leading the fae.  The phone rings and Trick learns that Dyson is alive and well.  Bo happens to be there and learns that Dyson is back.
  Dyson is at his place and is reliving the moment when the nasty lady took his desire for Bo.  He still hasn't come to grips with it.  Bo shows up and just opens the door like she owns the place, she runs into Dyson's arms and they embrace each other.  Then she turns around and socks him one for making her worry.  She is letting him have a piece of her mind.  Dyson tells her that he was dealing with some personal stuff and changes the subject.
  They end up over at the Da'l and Lauren is explaining what she's found so far.  Dyson brushes Bo off, and leaves.  Bo is beyond surprised, but Trick tells her to give him some space and that he needs her help.
  Hale and Dyson are trying to find out more about the freaky fae in the traveling show. Using his wolf Dyson learns that they covered there tracks, but left body parts behind.
  They take what they found to Lauren and find out that there is a tattoo on the skin. It seems to be a map.  Dyson calls the Da'l and Bo answers, he doesn't even say hi, asking for Trick.  Dyson tells Trick about the tat and Trick goes to find books that might help solve the mystery.   While going down to find the books, Trick encounters the sunburnt china--man that is tearing up the fae books.   When Bo goes to capture him he turns into a rat.
     They soon learn from Lauren that he is a Japanese fae called a Tesso, that they absorb knowledge by eating it. Trick shows them a symbol on the coat of the Tesso, Bo tells him that she saw many people wearing it at the side show.  Trick tells them that it is the symbol of the damed, called Slaugh, they are fae that are cursed and they walk between light and dark.  They are outcast that never fit into the two groups of fae.  Everyone leaves to find out more on their own.
  Lauren shows up at Bo's house with files and sits down to eat something as she explains what she found.  As Bo looks over the files, Lauren falls asleep on her couch.  She shows Bo an external symbol found on the man's hand the two other men that are connected to him.
   Back at the Da'l Kenzi freaks when she thinks that Trick is going to harm the rat.  She doesn't trust him and has deep issues with the well being of the rat.  Trick promises her that he is not going to harm the rat, that he is only looking for clues.  Trick pulls out a piece of torn paper from the mouth of the rat and tells Kenzi that it's trouble.
    Bo is still going over the files as Lauren sleeps, Kenzi comes over and tells her about what Trick found.   Bo explains what she found in the files, explaining the symbol and what it means.  The tow truck man happens to be a type of guardian, then the phone rings it seems like Dyson has found the another body, that happens to be one of the three men in the files.
  After x-rays are done on the dead man, they find that he is a living sheath and that he carried a sword in him.  Another clue has been revealed and now they know what the Slaugh are after.  Trick explains that they will now be looking the soul of the land that the Slaugh will mate with.  They want to bind themselves to the earth stealing the covenant.  The are hunting for the heart stone to complete the ceremony.  Trick will have to ask Buzz for the information in order to find the heart stone.
   Bo tries to speak to Dyson, but he blows her off again.  When Hale asks him what's going on, Dyson tells him what happened with the Norn.  Hale thinks Dyson should tell Bo and find out if it's true that his desire is gone.
   Buzz shows up and tells them where they can find the heart stone.  Bo tells Dyson that they will be working together and he needs to stop avoiding her.  Dyson agrees and they leave to find the stone.  When they go to find the stone, Dyson saves Bo from being sliced to death by a boobie trap.  They realize that the heart stone is gone and that they will have to stop the ceremony.
  Trick learns that Buzz committed treason and he tells him he's too late. Buzz tells Bo everything and they go to find the and stop the ceremony. Kenzi knows where they can find the type of party need for the ritual.  They end up at a Rave, and Bo's succubus is vamped up with all the sexual energy in the club.  As Bo walks through the throng of humans grinding on the dance floor, she sees a little girl in the mist of dancers.  Just when she makes eye contact, Dyson moves up behind Bo and she turns around and begins to kiss him. (Oh, how I so love these parts.  Dyson is just to dang hot.) Dyson then tells her to go and wishes her luck.
  Bo finds the Slaugh leader in the mist of completing the ceremony at the same time Dyson and Hale find the Tesso, who is chanting up a storm.  Dyson breaks his neck and apparently the Sluaugh can't complete the ritual.  Bo tells him that she understands what it means to be an outcast and kills the Sluaugh leader sucking all of his chi. 
   Dyson is sharing a drink with Trick , they are toasting their good fortune.Trick tells Dyson that he used his gift to save Aoifa the night Bo went to fight her.  Dyson doesn't tell him anything else and leaves.   As Dyson is leaving the Da'l he sees Bo at the bar and Bo want to know what happened to him and he tells her the price he had to pay the Norn in order to help her fight.   Bo learns that the Norn took his desire for her.   Bo can't believe it calls it ridiculous, Dyson tells her he's sorry and leaves the bar.  Bo then sees the little from the club in front of her.  She tell her that she's not in the mood to go chasing the Slaugh.  The little girl tells her that she isn't with the Slaugh.  She tells her that she is there to warn of the an impending disaster. She tell her that "Something old has awoken, terrible and it's coming to for you."  Bo doesn't understand and the little girl disappears, once again.

* Note:  Interesting beginning to the new season, I'm not at all happy Dyson doesn't want to hook up with our girl, Bo, but hopefully things change.  Could the thing of old be coming for Bo because of the blood rite Trick performed?  I guess we'll just have to watch and find out.

Kenzi's Best Lines:

  • "Is it weird that I'm craving fried chicken."
  • "I'm tired of getting her emergency take-out."
  • "Underfae collect the whole set."
  • "Oh, horf!"
  • "One step closer and I'm definitely calling PETA or is it FETA?"

Fae Definitions: 
  • Tesso Japanese fae, powerful shamans.  They absorb knowledge by eating it..   (The iron rat) is truly a one of a kind yokai. A rat demon the size of a full-grown man, armed.  
  • Slaugh cursed evil fae, that are not light or dark fae.
  • Norn- the fae that stole Dyson's desire for Bo 

Music Found in This Episode:
  • House of Mirrors by Ted Brett Barnes
  • Give it Away by Delhi 2 Dublin
  • Follow Me by Make Me Young
  • In Your Machine by Alex Metric
  • Stained by Bonesaw & Subatomic
  • In The Dark by Pom Pom
  • Slovenian Circus by Kristian Southhouse
  • Psycho Circus by Kristian Southhouse
  • Aheb Hawak by Sonoton Music
Lost Girl runs on the SyFy Channel 
every Monday night at 10:00 Pm (East Coast)
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