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"Blood Lines" ~ Season 1 Finale ~ Lost Girl Recap

Apr 9, 2012

"Blood Lines"
Season 1: Episode 12
Season 1 Finale

Dyson and Trick finally tell Bo what they know about her past and Saskia is revealed to be Bo's mother. Saskia, now known by her true name Aoife, begins a plan to cause a war between the Light and Dark Fae. To do so she attacks the Light Fae Elders and kills many of them. Bo, upset with her friends not telling her the truth, turns her back on them one by one except for Kenzi who tries to help Bo find a way to stop her mother from completing her plans. In the end, Bo battles her mother, Trick makes a sacrifice to help Bo, and Dyson loses what is most important to him to the Norn  to give Bo a chance to overcome her mother.

My Take:
   Things take off right where the left off in the last episode, Bo is taking care of Dyson after her mother tried to kill him.  He's dreaming of Bo and himself in bed and the Bo turns into her mother, sucking the life from him.  Needless to say Dyson wakes up screaming to find Bo trying to ease his worries.  Bo tells Dyson that everything that happened was her fault, but Dyson tells her that he has to tell her something important.  Bo blows him off and wants to talk about her new super powers of bring him back to life using her chi.  When he tries again, Bo agrees and settles down to listen to what he has to say.  Dyson tell her Saskia's real name, Aoife, and shakes Bo with the news that Aoife happens to be Bo's mother.
  Aoife aka Saskia is in an alley watching as a group of goons are roughing up a guy. The guy getting the bejesus beat out of him tells her that she's crazy.  Well, Saskia is having none of that and head butts him. He tells her that he would never betray his people in order to do her bidding.  Saskia laughs and refers to him as Light Fae huncho and tells him that they are so predictable. Her goons end up killing him, and Saskia scratches him off her "To Do" list.
  Kenzi is reading a romance novel and in deep in the trenches of the story. (She reads and likes it, who would of thought!) Bo comes barreling into the living room with Dyson at her heals and calling her name.  He's asking her to let him explain, Kenzi excuses herself so they can talk in private.  Then Bo says "How long have you known who my mother is?", Kenzi then freezes and says she's staying in the room.  Dyson tells her that he's known even before he met her.  He wanted to tell her everything, but Trick didn't allow him.
  Bo goes to see Trick and he tells her that he let down her mother.  Aoife belonged to his clan and he didn't help her when she needed him.  Aoife killed a dark fae clan leader and was handed over for prosecution.   When Trick didn't try to help her she began to hate him and plegded to destroy him and everything light fae.  Trick wants Bo to leave town, but Bo will have none of it.  Bo know understands why her mother is the way she is, and wants to hear her side.
  Kenzi and Bo go back to the house and Kenzi wants to make sure that Bo understand that she is on her side and that Bo can trust her.  Bo tells her that she can't trust those she thought were her friends, especially Dyson.  Kenzi agrees to help her find her mom.
   Dyson is talking to Trick and he wants Dyson to try to convince Bo to stay away from her mom. Dyson tells him that he will try but that Bo won't trust him.
   Bo goes to visit Lauren and wants to find out how to protect herself.  Kenzi and Bo watch as light fae elder is rolled away dead as a doorknob.  She wants to know what succubus Bo is afraid.  Bo tells her that she just wants to know how to fight it.  Lauren agrees to help her and ask the Ash for more information, but Bo makes her promise to keep it just between them.  Lauren says ok, but Bo has to promise her that she'll talk to her so she can explain everything that happened when she did the Ash's bidding.  Bo agrees and Kenzi jets to meet up with some guy.
    Kenzi walks down the street and sees Hale.  They start to talk, when all of a sudden Dyson steps out of the alley.  Kenzi starts to walk away and Dyson tries to explain why he needs Bo. Kenzi tells him that she doesn't trust him anymore and why should she trust him.  He tells her that he loves Bo, Kenzi stops and just looks at him. She believes him and wants to know how she can help him.
   Back at the house, Bo is surprised when she walks in on her mom baking cookies.  Bo wants to know what she wants and Aoifa offers her a cookie.  Bo takes it and starts to take bites.  Aoifa tells her that she hasn't been the best mom, but it's not too late.  Bo tells her that she's tried to seduce her boyfriend.  Aoifa tells her that Dyson is not for her, that a mother knows these things.  She tells her that the past is in the past and what's important is the now.  Bo realizes that Aoifa sedated her with the cookie and falls into a drug induced sleep.
  Kenzi gets back to the house with Dyson and finds Bo missing, but Dyson catches the smell of Aoifa and realizes that Bo has been taken.
   They go back to the Del and Dyson tells Trick.  Trick tells them that he will have to tell the Ash, because things have gotten out of control.
  Bo wakes up surrounded by half naked men waiting to serve her.  She asks to see her mother and they escort her out to the lawn where her mother is waiting for her. Aoifa offers Bo a tall glass of orange juice and Bo pours it out on the lawn, not trusting anything Aoifa offers her.  Bo tells her that if she just wanted to see her she should of asked instead of drugging her.  Aoifa asks Bo to forgive her that the years of captivity have changed her.  Bo wants to know why Aoifa kidnapped her and she tells her it's to connect again away from Trick's influence.  Bo thinks that it's a great idea.
  Trick goes to see the Ash and reveals all that he knows and who he is.  The Ash tells Trick he was selfish to keep the information to himself while endangering the light fae. The Ash is upset with Trick and his withholding information. The Ash will bring up the issues with the counsel and tell of Trick's lack of concern for the fae.  He tells Trick that the tribes will unite in order to defeat Aoifa and that they have no fear of her.  
  Bo is hanging out with her mom and trying to find things out.  She wants to know how her mother can steal chi the way she does. Aoifa explains the ins and outs.  Bo wants to know why she didn't use her powers to escape her jailer.  She tells Bo that he had a amulet that prevented her powers from controlling him.  Bo wants to know who her father is and Aoifa tells her that she will tell her in due time.  She tells Bo that she always had high hopes for her.  She tells her that they are going to take down the fae, no more divide and unite all fae.  Aoifa tell her that her men have more tricks than just serving her.
   The Ash is meeting with the Light Elders and discussing all that is happened.  He wants to punish Trick. (Could it be he feels threatened by him, worried that he will be overthrown?) The elders don't want to discuss Trick they are more worried about Aoifa and that history will repeat itself. The Ash does not want to discuss Aoifa, he is fixated on Trick.  All of a sudden Aoifa's henchmen enter the chamber with a bomb strapped to their chest, telling them it's a package from Aoifa.  The bomb blows the elders to pieces.
   Bo is trying to dissuade her mother in not to kill the Ash.  Aoifa tells Bo that she can't leave, Bo breaks out of the window and escapes.
  Bo goes straight to Dyson and gets her healing needs form him.  Dyson tells her to take as much as she needs.
   Back at the clinic, Lauren is trying to keep the elders, especially the Ash alive in the aftermath of the bomb.
  Dyson wants to protect Bo and ask her to forgive him.  She tells him she has to fight her own battles and that when all is done, she'll see where they stand.  Dyson and Bo go to see Lauren at the clinic.
   Lauren tells them that the fae were bombed and how bad things.  Bo tells her that Aoifa is her mother, Lauren is in shock.  Kenzi sees Hale dressed for war and wants to know what is happening.  He tells her that all hell is loose and that he has to go.  Kenzi tells him to protect himself.  Bo wants to know how she will be able to protect herself, Lauren tells her that she knows about the amulet and where she can find it.  She gives Bo a key and a map in order to find the amulet in the vaults.
   Dyson tells Trick that there is an evac and that he should join.  Trick tells him he knows and that he is helping coordinate the evac.  Dyson tells him that Aoifa will try to kill him, but Trick tells him that he won't hide. Dyson tells him that Bo has gone to fight Aoifa.  Dyson tells him that he will seek the Norn in order to find help for Bo. Trick tells him to be careful but Dyson tells him that it's his risk to take.  He wishes Trick luck and they shake hands goodbye.
   Bo ends up trying to find the amulet with Kenzi.  They enter the vault and Bo tells Kenzi that she will try to speak to Aoifa one more time before she fights her.  They find the amulet and Bo tries to take Kenzi's chi as she wears the amulet, but the amulet protects Kenzi.  Bo tells Kenzi she loves her and proceeds to handcuff her to the storage shelves. Bo tells her that she doesn't want her to get hurt when she confronts Aoifa,  Kenzi is left helling at Bo. Kenzi calls Hale and tells him that Bo has gone rogue. (Now, could it be that Kenzi is more than she seems, too?)
  Bo enters her mother's mansion and calls out to her mother.  Aoifa tells her that she was expecting a sneak attack.  Aoifa tells her that she wants to talk to her.  Bo pleads with her to stop attacking the Aoifa. Aoifa laughs at her attempts.   Bo pulls out a sword and Aoifa is delight that Bo is armed.
  Kenzi is back at the Del and is asking Trick to use his blood to safe Bo.  He tells her that he can't do that.  Kenzi cuts herself and tells him to use her blood.  Trick takes care of her hand and Kenzi keeps telling him that Trick can help.
  Bo and her mom keep fighting and then Aoifa knocks the sword out of Bo's hand and tries to take her chi.  She tells Bo that she wanted her to join her willingly, but she won't have Bo ruin everything she's worked for and she will make Bo join her putting her under her thrall.  When she sees that she can't put Bo in her thrall she calls her a bitch and tells her that she will have to kill her.
  Dyson goes to see the Norn and is grated entry.  She recognizes him and he tells him that it's been centuries since the last time.  She wants to know what he wants.  He tells her that he needs a favor. She tells him that he has to buy it, what he wants must.  He has to get on his knees and plea for his favor.
Bo continues to run away from her mother in the house.  Aoifa wants to know why Bo wont fight her and Bo tells her that she's her mother.
    Trick is about to use his blood in order to keep Bo safe and asks for God's help for what he is about to do.
  Dyson offers his wolf, but the Norm can't believe that he is willing to give up what he didhn't before.  She doesn't take his wolf , but she takes his desire for Bo.  She rips it out of his soul, and Dyson screams to the heavens.
  Bo is fighting her mother and she goes over the stairs, Bo keeps hold of her not allowing her to fall to her death.  Kenzi walks in and tries to tear her away, but Bo doesn't want to give up on her mother like everyone else did.
  Trick is in the middle of the blood ceremony and cuts his hand.  The last symbol he writes in his blood upon the parchment appears on Aoifa's forehead.  She begins to tell Bo to speak to Trick and ask him to explain everything to her. She tells her to tell Trick to forgive her. She let's go and plummets to her death.  When Kenzi and Bo reach the bottom of the stairs Aoifa's body is missing.
    Kenzi and Bo are sharing a beer and Bo wants to know the rest of the story from Trick.  Bo tells Kenzi that she felt Dyson's presence when she was fighting Aoifa.  While Bo speaks with Keni, Dyson is in wolf form and disappearing into the forest.  Bo believes that Dyson helped her and she is willing to forgive him.  Kenzi and Bo believe that Aoifa is still alive. As Kenzi and Bo continue to discuss mommy, someone is carrying her body away. Bo knows that she will meet her mother again and believes that she has changed.

Note:  Great season finale, lots of new info explained and tidbits revealed.  Can't wait for next week when season 2 kicks off.

Fae Definitions:
  • Norn - female that grants wishes but only when the payment she demands is given.

Kenzi's Best Lines:
  • "Staying is good, quiet like a bunny."
  • "Slow motion pillow fight, crotch laser."
  • "You just got sucubusted!"
Music Found in This Episode

  • Slip Into Your Skin by Patrick Watson
  • Dyson has a nightmare.
    • Nova Heart by Johnny Hollow
    At the end of Bo's fight with Aife when Trick writes in his Book of Blood.

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    every Monday night at 10:00 Pm (East Coast)
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