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Review: Back From The Undead by D.D. Barant

Apr 18, 2012

Back from the Undead (The Bloodhound Files #5)
Book 5
The Bloodhound Files

Another work day, another case for the Bloodhound Files. But this time, Jace is truly stumped: How is she, a mere human, supposed to penetrate the dark heart of a child-trafficking ring of pire orphans—one that turns out to be part of a blood-farm operation, in the crime-ridden border city of Vancouver, British Columbia?

Jace is in over her head. But with the help of her former lover, Tanaka—whose family is one of the last samurai clans left in Japan—she stands a chance at seeking justice for the condemned children… Until the Yakuza tries to put an end to Jace’s investigation. Jace risks more than death—this time, it’s the fate of her very soul that’s in danger . . .
  Cindy's Review:

    Oh my beloved D.D., your "Bloodhound Files" just keep getting better and better and better... I found myself laughing so much through this book. Thank You! Our beloved Jace has finally connected sexually with David Cassius, and it rocks her world and his. But a message from the man she was brought to this universe to apprehend has her traveling with her bodyguard, Golem Chalie Aleph and NSA's resident shaman and WereBear Damon Eisfanger to Canada, which on this parallel Earth, is a nation hard to enter and lethal to try and leave. While the most wanted man on this planet juggles clues to get Jace and her team to cause situations to end the way he wants, Jace is getting deeper in the workings of magical deities. Many unexpected circumstances help Jace and many hinder, and through it all are the erotic but jumbled dreams she is having of her and David. Jace's hunt will soon come to an end, or will it? What will the outcome show her when the dreams of David lead her to the fact that he is missing?

I just HAVE to list some funny quotes from the book:

"I sigh and take another look around. Nothing but gentle smiling faces looking back. Damn, I was really hoping there'd be more Scotch. And male strippers. And houses made out of chocolate, filled with male strippers who would bring me Scotch."

And the "NOT INTERESTED" line of all times:

"Not interested. Not now. Not ever. Not if we both become vampires and go to the moon and the Earth blows up and we're stuck in a little moon dome for the next thousand years. Not with a gallon jug of tequila. Not if you have your brain swapped with a twenty-year-old clone of Elvis Presley. Are we clear?"

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A "Cinfully Wonderful" Review by Cindy McCune
Guest Reviewer and Collaborator

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  1. Now I have to go see what book #1 is about. Sounds like a series that I may want to get wrapped up in. Thanks for sharing.


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