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Sons of Navarus ~ Blood Prophecy

Mar 7, 2013

I'm delighted to have the talented 
Gabrielle Bisset visiting us again! 
 Welcome Gabrielle!

Thanks so much, Dana, for having me here today at Readaholics Anonymous. It's great to be back again!

Where I live in the northeastern part of the United States it's still dreary and icy, but I'm getting ready for spring to come. I've always loved springtime, but this year it's even better because my next Sons of Navarus book, Blood Prophecy, is being released then. 

I've kept the plot and even some of the characters pretty top secret because this book is a huge turning point in the series. In addition to major things happening with the Sons, there are very important events happening to the heroines of the series. And there are going to be brand new paranormal characters joining the series with this book—allies of the Sons who will fight beside them in the final showdown with the Archons coming after this book. 

Even though I'm going to keep things secret for just a little while longer, fans of the series can count on the book being a great ride, full of love, action, and even more of what they've come to love in the Sons so far. 

It won't be long, but to hold you over, here's the blurb for Blood Prophecy to give a taste of what's to come: 

I am everything you fear. I am vampire. 

As the two Sons chosen to decipher the Prophecy of Idolas, Ramiel and Thane journey to find the key to defeating the Archons. Together with Noele, a born vampire, they confront their fates as they fulfill their duty to their world. Along the way, they'll find love, but death and betrayal lurk in the shadows, threatening everything dear to them.

Descended from the gods and warriors all, each Son's loyalty will be tested. Every action has consequences, and the choices they make now seal their fates. Alliances as old as the vampire world itself are reforged, and the Sons' duty is clear. Stop the Archons. Or die trying. 

Thanks so much for letting me stop by and chat about the Sons! If you haven't begun the series yet, there's still time. For more information on the Sons of Navarus series, readers can visit my website at for excerpts, buy links, character profiles, swag (romance trading cards), and free desktop wallpapers to bring those delicious Sons to your computer. And look for Blood Prophecy coming soon! 

Thank, you, Gabrielle!


Series Order:
Vampire Dreams Revamped (Sons of Navarus Prequel)
Blood Avenged (Sons of Navarus #1)
Blood Betrayed (Sons of Navarus #2)
Longing (A Sons of Navarus Short Story)
Blood Spirit (Sons of Navarus #3)
The Deepest Cut (A Sons of Navarus Short Story)
Blood Prophecy (Sons of Navarus #4) COMING THIS SPRING!

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  1. Thanks so much for having me over today! It's great to be back. :)

    I didn't have this information when I sent the post, but I have a Goodreads giveaway for 2 signed copies of Blood Prophecy before anyone else can get them. Stop over at to enter.


  2. Hi Gabrielle,
    Very nice job. Readaholics very entertaining.

  3. The Sons of Navarus series is just amazing. Vasilje, Saint (Declan), Terek, their stories if you have an imagination will draw you right in. With Blood Prophecy coming I am sure it will do the same. I know I am waiting on the edge of my seat for the release date.

    1. Lori, spoken like a true fan girl! Don't you just love being addicted to these men?

    2. Thanks Lori! It's coming soon, I promise. ;)

  4. I can't wait to get started on this series!

    1. Thanks for stopping over, Traci! :-)

    2. Thanks for coming by, Traci! I think you'll enjoy the Sons!

  5. I really really can't wait for Ramiel:) Been waiting for him;) Favorite series!! I hope my husband makes it til the end:) Good luck!!

    1. Ha ha, Nicole a happy wife is a happy husband. :-)

    2. Vasilije is Nicole's husband, so she's worried he won't make it since I've said not all the Sons will. But don't worry about Vasilije, Nicole. He's cool. LOL

  6. so looking foward for this book can't wait to see what Gabrielle has in store for us. grear interview by the way

    1. You're right Margie, Gabrielle always has a treat for us. :-)

    2. Thanks for coming by, Margie!

  7. I love this series can't wait for the next book to come out...

    1. I couldn't agree more, Kimberly!

    2. Thanks Kim! Just a little while longer...

  8. I love the Sons and can't wait for this book to come out. :)

  9. Stop by to say Love you and The Sons!-)


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