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True Blood Relationships and Storylines ~ Part 3

May 19, 2012

"True Blood Relationships and Storylines" 


Part 3 of 4 
"Wrapping up the story lines from the last season of HBO's TRUE BLOOD."

Janina Gavankar plays Luna, Sam's love interest. via Wikimedia Commons 
photo Janina Gavankar and Kelly Williams
In the amount of time it takes for you to read these explanations you could probably watch the whole series on HBO or DVD.  But, each storyline is interwoven with others. I chose to look at the last season in terms of relationships and story lines instead of my episode by episode approach.

Let's look at Sam Merlotte, the owner of Merlotte's where Sookie "works."
Sam has finally given up on a romantic attachment with Sookie or Tara. Last season Sam caught Tommy stealing from him and shot him. Tommy ended up in PT and Sam in anger management therapy where he meets Luna. Luna's ex, with whom she has a child, Emma, is the Alpha werewolf of the pack Alcide and Debbie join. He's also a sociopath. After anger management meeting Tommy and Sam agree to try to be brothers.

An aside about Alcide and Marcus: Alcide is Sookie's friend and a werewolf. His girlfriend is also a werewolf and a V addict who was involved with the Nazi pack that was associated with the King of Mississippi, Russell Eggerton in Season three. During the year Sookie was in Faerie, Debbie and Alcide got back together and moved to Shreveport where they did not join a pack. The Shreveport Alpha is Marcus. He meets them and Debbie convinces Alcide to join up. Alcide doesn't want to have children but Debbie does. When Marcus learns this he decides to get Debbie for himself, and kidnap the daughter he has with Luna, now Sam's main squeeze.
Sam Trammel plays Sam Merlotte by tinyfroglet via Wikimedia cropped by blogger

Tommy also ends up living with Mrs. Fortenberry, Hoyt's classless Bible-thumping. Now, as tacky as she is, Mrs. Fortenberry is the Queen of England compared to the -no-account woman who lays biological claim to Sam and Tommy as their mother.
Eventually, Tommy comes up with a scheme to defraud Mrs. Fortenberry of her property's mineral rights.

Tommy decides to drop into the trailer and visit dear-old mom. She says she has left her husband who abused her and the kid, but he sneaks up to attack Tommy and force him back into being a dog-fighting shifter. Tommy fights back and ends up killing both parents. When he confesses to Sam, Sam once again proves there is something sinister underneath that sweet smile by helping Tommy get rid of the bodies.

Tommy takes on Sam's appearance while Sam is out and ends up firing Sookie and sleeping with Luna, he starts to feel ill and kicks Luna out. Sam comes back to find Tommy nearly comatose in a pool of his own vomit. A contrite Tommy again fills in for Sam with Luna's ex, he and his henchmen beat Tommy up. Alcide refuses to participate and takes Tommy to Sam's where laid out on the pool table he dies. Sam and Alcide find Marcus canoodling with Alcide's fiancé Debbie Pelt, with his kidnapped daughter (Emma's daughter) downstairs. Sam and Marcus fight but Sam opts not to sink to Marcus' level and kill him. Marcus sinks even farther and grabs for the gun to shoot Sam, but Alcide sees this and saves Sam by snapping Marcus' neck. Alcide then abjures (disavowal, werewolf style) Debbie.

Another arc: In season three, Sookie's brother Jason fells for a female werepanther, Crystal. Her hometown, Hot Shot, is full of the creepiest critters. She is supposed to marry Felton who ends up killing her father/uncle/brother and goes off with Crystal who begs Jason to take care of the people of her town, Hot Shot.
Jason Stackhouse
Jason Stackhouse (Fair Use)(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Season 4 while helping them as he promised, the new cop and all around responsible dude, Jason has been kidnapped by the "Hot Shot, LA" werepanthers who are dying off from inbreeding and because they are dumber than a box of rocks. They have decided to bite Eric, thinking he will become a werepanther. They then plan to use him as a permanent sperm donor. After being forced to have sex with a lot of female panthers Jason escapes and kills the werepanther "leader" Felton. When Crystal finds him he threatens to kill her and well, he abjures her.

Hoyt and Jessica find the exhausted, gashed and bitten Jason on the side of the road. Jessica gives him her blood, which after a good night's sleep restores his health.

We know what happens when a vampire and a human share blood, right?
At the next full moon Sookie sits vigil with Jason who thinks he will turn into a werepanther. Worried about hurting her he runs into the woods and comes upon Jessica with whom he has a heart to heart. Running into Alcide and Debbie at their initiation to Marcus' pack, Sookie learns were-animals are not bitten they must be born. Eric figures it out because he doesn't change!

So Jessica and Hoyt have been living together while Sookie was in Faerie. In vampire and Human age, Jessica is young. With immaturity a problem, as well as being limited to Hoyt's blood and True Blood, Jessica has a rebellion coming on. She fantasizes about killing Hoyt. Eventually she leaves him. She has sex with Jason who then tells Hoyt. Hoyt beats him up. She shows up at Jason's again on Halloween dressed up in a not so innocent Red Riding Hood costume. After seducing him she tells him she doesn't want a steady, exclusive relationship. She leaves and immediately after there's a knock and in one of the Season 4 to 5 cliffhangers, it's a fanged Reverend Steve Newlin.

In my next and hopefully last post, I plan to address the Witchy thing, including Lafayette, Tara, Pam, Eric, Sookie, etc


Steph will join us on 
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