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What Ev Wednesday~The Book Cover Speaks

Jun 15, 2011

What does the book you read say about you?  Can a book cover tell others your deep dark secrets?  You may be surprised to learn that you can learn a lot about a person based on what they read, and if you really want know more about them just check out their bookshelves.

I love to read science fiction, romances, historical romances, paranormal romances, fantasy, and bestsellers.  I thought it would be fun to glimpse a bit at more behind the covers of our books.

In a nut shell, I'm a trendy conversationalist, spiritual, imaginative, creative, open, curious, romantic, a bit twisted and a dark person.  Now, isn't that a mouthful. 

Have some fun and read what different genres say about you.   
  •  Romance ~ You love being treated like a princess! (I know I do!)  Your soft and loving ways are your best attributes.  You love to hold hands with your significant other and gaze at the stars.  You like turning up the heat in the bedroom. 
  • Bestsellers ~ Can you say "swanky"  You are the "GO TO"  person on all things that are trending!  The life of the party!  When people want to know, you're the person to see.    
  •  Sci-fi ~ You believe that we aren't alone, it could happen.  You like to investigate things, you are open minded.  You are an atypical person, with a dash of avant-garde.
  • Fiction ~ If only you could switch places for a day!  You would frolic in the shoes of others. You are fascinated by how others live, you find it so interesting.  You like to meet new people and honor other's opinions.
  • Historical Fiction - You like your history kicked up a notch.  You would love to go back in time and live in the past for a while.   History fills a need for knowledge while enjoying a good story.
  • Memoir or Biography ~You are knowing, learned, perceptive!   You're so smart that everyone wants you on their team.  Alex Trebek may be calling...
  • Fantasy ~ You are super creative spirit.  Your imagination works on overdrive.  You find joy in all the possibilities opened before you.  You are an original!
  • Horror ~ You listen for things that go bump in the night!  You examine the limitations of personalities. The unknown doesn't alarm you.   You want answers and your trepidations won't stand in the way.  You have a dark side ( only in a good way).
  • Mystery ~ A natural born problem solver.  You are analytical, examining, inquiring, mind.  You may be an adrenalin junkie!
  • Cook Books ~ You love food in all it's forms.  Your idea of a good time is going on a "Food Crawl".  The way to your heart is through your tummy!
  • Poetry ~ You see beauty in all things in life. You see the world with a sense of awe and wonder.  
  • Spiritual ~ You are on a spiritual journey.  You have an inner strength that gives to others.  You are looking for answers to the meaning of life. 

 I know I didn't cover all the possible genres, but they're endless.
If there's one I haven't posted and you would like to see, please let me know by way of a comment
* Note I am not a professional! These are just my thoughts and not an actual analysis. 


  1. Great post Dana! what does it mean when you love Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy?

  2. Hey Aurian,
    It means your open to a relationship with the otherworldly. Examples: a hot vampire, sexy were, etc. LOL You are a cutting edge person and are open minded. You love citylife and all it has to offer. You aren't afraid to speak your mind!

  3. Well, you are partly right there ;). I'm not cutting edge that I am aware off, but I am open minded, live in a big city and loving it, and I say what I want/need to say. But my beloved boyfriend is not otherworldly ;)

  4. that is very cool!

    I am most of those too hehe, nice!


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