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Review: Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan

Jun 14, 2011

Book 1  of  The Chronicles of the Warlands series

Xylara is the daughter of a king, surrounded by war.  She is known for her skill as a healer in the Land of Xy.  Her brother does not want her to heal the enemy, but Xylara will not stop healing those who are ill and  in need of her skills.  

As the war rages on all around her, Xylara works tirelessly to help the wounded.  As she heals the enemy, the Firelander Warlord takes over control from Xylara's brother.   As the Warlord reins over Xylara's homeland, she is to become his slave, his Warprize.  Xylara soon learns that all that she thought she knew of the barbarians is not what it seems.  She is surrounded by a new culture and beliefs and a barbarian that leaves her breathless.

I gave this book a 4

Romantic!  Surprising!  Adventurous!   I simply can't say enough about this book, it was a magical trip into the past!   I thought this romance was wonderful.  An inviting read that makes you feel as if you have joined in the adventure.  As I turned the pages I was in awe of the sights delivered upon the pages.  Vaughan is an incredible storyteller, that weaves magic with her words.  This was my second time reading Warprize, but it was as if it were my first time.  Conan has nothing on Vaughan!  I'm excited about the second book in The Chronicles of the Warlands series, Warsworn.

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