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Review: Warsworn by Elizabeth Vaughan

Jun 20, 2011

Book 2 of The Chronicles of the Warlands

    In book two of the Chronicles of the Warlands,  Lara, the Queen of Xy travels with her now mate,  Kier, warlord of the Firelanders.   They travel towards Kier's people and lands.   As they journey on they find themselves with a village that denies them entry.   They soon discover that the plague has killed almost everyone from the villiage.

As Lara tries to cure the sick, she in turn becomes ill.  Soon Kier's entire army becomes sick and Kier must help heal Lara.  While many die and others lie ill, Kier's second in command wants to overthrow him.  
Kier and Lara must confront all in order to save themselves from the every growing danger they find themselves in.   Their love will be tested as it grows, and the warlands will never be the same.

I gave this book a 4

Transportive!  Ensnaring!   Alluring!  Warsworn is a time machine! Read this story and travel through the sands of time!   Elizabeth Vaughan has woven an incredible story of love and war that sends us back in time.   Kier is what real men are made of!  I was able to experience the culture and the life of  these strange barbarian people.  I highly recommend you take this journey with Elizabeth Vaghan as your tour guide.  Read Warsworn today! Loved it!!!

Note:  This was my second time reading this novel, but it felt like the first time!

Publisher: Tor Paranormal Romance

Source code: R

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