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Review: The Untamed Bride

Jun 20, 2011

Book 1 ~ Black Cobra Quartet series

Colonel Derek Delborough  belongs to an elite group if  men, sworn to protect secrets that will unveil a traitor in their mist.    Del has a dangerous and important mission to complete, and will have to survive to bring the information to England.

 Deliah Duncannon has been promised an escort and she will not take no as an answer.  Deliah will make sure that Del does as he has promised.

As Del is forced to escort Deliah to Humberside, he is taken back by her ways.  She speaks her mind and Del finds himself  very attracted to her blunt ways.  As they begin their trip, they are attacked by the evil agents of the Black Cobra. 

Del soon realizes that in order to keep the beautiful Deliah alive and safe, he will have to keep her close.
Deliah finds herself falling in love with the dashing Del, and is even more determinded to stay at his side.

The adventures Del and Deliah find themselves involved in will change both of their lives for ever.

I gave this book a 3

Intriguing!   Adventurous!  Artful!  Although not a Cynster novel, it has a few of our favorites all back for a visit.  I loved the heroine, she was bold and sassy and you just got to love that!  Being a huge fan of  the Cynster series, I wanted more from this new series.   It was a good book and of course well written.  I plan on reading the next book in the series before summer is out!  Ms. Laurens as always brings to the table a cleverly plotted story that will reel you in.  
 Publisher: Avon; Original edition

Source Code: R

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  1. Stephanie Laurens is also one of my favourite authors, and I did like this series, but as you rated it a three, I agree, I was not totally blown away by it either. But especially the last one is good, the ending very exciting.


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