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~Mini Book Excerpt Monday~

May 30, 2011


by Evangeline Anderson

Book 2 in the Brides of the Kindred series

“You…you want to taste me there?”

Slowly, he nodded. “If we really were in our claiming period, I would need to taste you often and thoroughly.”

“Is that…a Kindred thing?” Her heart was pounding now and she was very aware of his scent. God, they were getting into dangerous territory here but she couldn’t seem to stop.

“We like to keep our mates satisfied and mark them as our own.” His voice was a soft growl.

Sophie raised an eyebrow. “So…it’s all about possession. Keeping your woman with you and proving she’s yours?”

“It’s not just that.” Sylvan’s eyes traveled down her body and she could almost feel the heat from his gaze wherever he looked. “It’s about spreading your female open and mapping her most secret places with your tongue. Tasting her honey and thrusting your tongue deep in her tight, wet pussy until she moans and cries your name…pulling your hair and scratching your shoulders as she loses control completely from the pleasure you’re giving her.”

“I…I…” Sophie was speechless. The words he used painted such a vivid picture in her mind. She could almost see herself lying on the bed with Sylvan between her legs, opening her, tasting her… No! Stop it. She shook her head, trying to get the embarrassing and enticing image out of her brain.

Sylvan must have sensed her unease because he shook his head. “Forgive me. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. It’s just that your scent is so delicious and I can’t…can’t help responding to it.”

“I can’t help responding to yours either,” Sophie admitted in a low voice. “We…we should probably be careful that we don’t…you know, do something we might regret.”

“And would you regret it?” he murmured. “Would you regret giving yourself to me, Talana?”

“I…” Sophie’s mouth felt too dry to answer. “I’d be afraid too,” she said at last. “You…you’d want to bite me if I…if we did that. Wouldn’t you?”

Sylvan sighed. “Biting is part of bonding sex for the Blood Kindred, yes.”

“But not just bonding sex,” Sophie said. “If we…if you really did claim me—I mean, I know you don’t really want to any more than I want you to—but if you did… You’d want to bite me every time.”

“Love making is not complete without the gift of blood,” he said heavily. “Not for us.”

Sophie shivered. “I’m sorry, but sex is bad enough without adding biting and blood to it. I’m not a masochist, Sylvan—I don’t like pain. I don’t, uh, get off on being hurt.”

“I would never hurt you,” he said in a low voice that did strange things to her insides.

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  1. Wow, talk about hot. I'm cooling myself off after that excerpt. I'm adding it to my TBR list. Love the interview!



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