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Review: To Save The Devil by Kate Moore

May 29, 2011

Book 2 in the Sons of Sin series

Will Jones is a former British spy and Bow Street runner.  He is also the second borne son to a famous courtesan, who bore children from three different titled gentlemen.  Will has never stopped searching for his lost brother, it is all that consumes him.  His search for information on the wherabouts of Kit brings to light the auction of a virgin taking place at the home of his enemy, Archibald March.

Helen of Troy had a simple plan, enter the London brothel and retrieve the letters, but everything went wrong.  She has been captured and is being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Helen has been drugged and she will not be able to escape, but her savior has just walked in.

Will's noble nature won't allow him to walk away from the young woman up for auction.  He will save her only to find that she is intent on returning to the brothel to retrieve her property. He soon learns that they both want something March has and they will join forces to destroy March.

Helen has led a sheltered life, never encountering anyone of Will’s caliber. Will makes Helen feel things she never knew existed. She will allow herself to taste passion’s kiss in Will's arms and try not to think of a life without him.

Will and Helen will find the answers to long kept secrets, but will they be able to walk away from each other?

I gave this book a 3.5

Compelling!  Tantallizing!   Lustful!    Kate Moore  continues to the search for Kit  in the bowles of  Regency London in her second book in the series.  I thought the second book in the series was superb.  Will and Helen's witty conversations keep you reading one chapter to the next.  Secrets are revealed and lives changed in To Save the Devil.  I wished there had been more steamy moments for Helen and Will.  I look forward to Kit's story coming in September 2011.

Book 1:  To Tempt A Saint
Book 2:  To Save The Devil
Book 3:  To Seduce An Angel ~ Coming September 2011 

Publisher:  Berkley

Source Code:  R

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