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Early Review: For the Bear's Eyes Only by Kathy Lyons

Nov 11, 2016

The Grizzlies Gone Wild #3


Life as Alan Carman knew it is over. After he was captured and tortured by a mysterious enemy, the lawyer's latent grizzly-shifter DNA was triggered. The old Alan is gone, and in his place is a terrifying vicious beast that lives and breathes for revenge. He will track down the person who did this to him-and it'll be the last thing he ever does. 

Tonya Kappes refuses to let Alan run headlong to his death. A bear-shifting deputy-and the Gladwin Clan's beta-Tonya faces Alan with one weapon: the love that's lingered between them since they were kids. But the idealistic man she knew has changed...into something raw, primal, and unbelievably sexy, igniting every lustful cell in her body. And, if Alan can't learn to love the beast inside himself, maybe he can love the animal in her . . . 


For the Bear's Eyes Only by Kathy Lyons is the best in the series.  The third book in the series has a darker undertone than the rest that draws the reader in.  Fans of the series thought they new all about Tonya until they read this book.  Learning to love who you are and what you have become will unite Tonya and Alan.  I had no idea I was going to enjoy this book as much as I did.  Lyons continues to evolve the characters in the Grizzlies Gone Wild series.  I look forward to more. 

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Publisher:Forever Grand Central Publishing
Pub Date: Nov. 15, 2016

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