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Review: Black Dawn by Rachel Caine

May 9, 2012

Book 12
The Morganville Vampires

With its eclectic mix of vampire and human citizens, Morganville, Texas, has always been a risky place to call home. But with the invasion of the vampire’s deadliest enemy, Morganville isn’t just in danger—it’s dying…

Ever since the draug—mysterious creatures that prey on vampires—took over Morganville, the lives of student Claire Danvers and her friends have been thrown into turmoil. Most of the town’s residents have evacuated, but Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael have chosen to stay and fight.Using the city’s water system to spread, the draug have rapidly multiplied. Things in Morganville look grim, especially since vampire Amelie—the town founder—has been infected by the master draug’s bite.

Now, if Claire and her friends don’t figure out how to cure Amelie and defeat the draug, it looks like Morganville will become little more than a ghost town…
Cindy's Review:  
Compelling...that is the word that describes this series. I have been with these wonderful stories from the start: "Glass House" when Claire Danvers first arrived in Morganville. As she grows up, life is more about survival than becoming the young woman her parents dreamed she would be.

With the vampire absorbing draug taking over the town and Queen Amelie having been bitten by the Master draug, the fearsome foursome are at their most vulnerable. Micheal, having been saved and attacking his beloved Eve, is having a hard time seeing them with a future. Eve, having been bitten by the person she loves most in the world, is trying to trust him again. Shaun is put in grave peril, and our beloved Claire is his lifeline...she always has been, but will she always be? Or will others plot her future without her consent?

The ever changing line in this marvelous chain of stories always keeps me on the edge of my seat, waiting to see "how they're gonna get out of this one" or "what's next" and Rachel keeps delivering. And then...she gives us a hint, which makes me anxious for the next in this must buy series. Try it, you'll like it!
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Extra Fun Information ~ Black Dawn 

A "Cinfully Wonderful" Review by Cindy McCune
Guest Reviewer and Collaborator

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