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Baba Yaga or Bust ~ Lost Girl Recap of Mirror Mirror

May 8, 2012

"Mirror, Mirror "
Season 2 Episode 4
Kenzi accidentally invokes the witch Baba Yaga to put a curse on Dyson for breaking Bo's heart. Dyson discovers that all women now hate him and becomes furious with Kenzi. Kenzi tries to lift the curse by seeking out her aunt, a fortune teller, for help. They manage to summon Baba Yaga and Kenzi sacrifices herself for Bo, becoming trapped in Baba Yaga's realm. Bo agrees to work for the Ash in return for getting help to save Kenzi. Bo enlists the help of a Water nymph and nearly drowns, but is revived by Dyson. Kenzi manages to defeat Baba Yaga by shoving her into her own oven, and breaks Baba Yaga's mirror into pieces, giving them to Baba Yaga's captives, allowing them all to escape. Kenzi promises to be more careful going forward and encourages Bo to keep fighting for Dyson and Lauren and for what makes her happy.

My Take:
   Bo and Dyson are hanging out at the Da'l and Bo gets to watch as the ladies are all over Dyson.  She says she can deal, but she lies.  The girls head back to their pad and Bo finds out that Kenzi has stolen a hex book from Trick.  They are getting hammered and Kenzi wants to hex Dyson.  Bo is completely against it.  Kenzi mentions evoking Baba Yaga and explains who she is.  Kenzi goes on to tell her how to summon BY and place the curse on a person.   They keep getting smashed and Bo reveals just how hurt she is about Dyson's lack of interest.  Later that night as Bo sleeps, our girl Kenzi is drunk and talking into the bathroom mirror calling Baba Yaga to seek vengeance against Dyson.   Kenzi walks away thinking it wa a no go, but an image appears in the mirror as Kenzi leaves.  Then the mirror shatters completing the Baba Yaga curse.
   The next morning Bo notices the broken mirror and finds a nasty looking cut on her torso.  She doesn't know how it got there and her head hurts to much to think clearly.
  At the police station Dyson and Hale are talking about a case and the details on the person who needs protection in order to testify.  Dyson has just gotten off the phone with her and has promised to keep her safe.
   The girls go to see Trick to show him the cuts on Bo's torso.  Trick tells them that it's not fae but it is mystical.  He tells them that it seems to be initials carved into the skin. He wants to know what Bo has been up to.  Bo tells him that she hasn't  been doing anything, the girls are clueless until Trick tells them they have no problem unless they envoked Baba Yaga.  Kenzi turns white and Trick's jaw drops when he sees the striken look on her face.  Bo recognizes the name of the witch Kenzi told her about and is in shock.  Bo can't believe that Kenzi did such a thing. Trick tells her that Baba Yaga has marked her as one of her own.
  While Bo learns of Kenzi's midnight activities,  Dyson is finding himself in a fine pickle at the station.  A least five hookers have spit at him or tried to attack him. Thankfully Hale steps in to help him ward off the crazy women trying to tear into him.  When he steps into one of the interview rooms he finds himself fending off another woman that is using a coat rack to attack him.  All of a sudden Dyson is persona non grata in the eyes of women.
 Dyson and Hale arrive at the Da'l and Dyson can't understand why women want to kill him.
 Bo and Kenzi are still trying to make sense of the curse of Baba Yaga as they make their way tot he bar.  They find Dyson at the bar being insulted by a woman, Bo steps in-between.
      When Bo takes care of the woman yelling at Dyson, she notices that Dyson has the same cuts on his torso.  She tells him that he has been cursed.  Dyson wants to clobber Kenzi, going so far as to call her a bloody human.  Dyson tells Bo that he can't believe she would do something like that , Bo reminds him that it wasn't her it was Kenzi.  He calls her obsessive, Bo thanks Kenzi in a fit of anger.  Trick tells them that Baba Yaga is an evil witch.  Kenzi begs for Trick's help, but he tells her that he can't help her. Baba Yaga is in another realm and far from his reach.  Kenzi promises to fix the problem.
   Bo and Kenzi are on their way to visit Kenzi's aunt.  They arrive at a trailer where there is a lady giving a reading to a client.  When she finishes with the client she starts to scream at Kenzi, because she hasn't called in months and she was worried about her. She then tells Kenzi to give her a big hug. Her aunt starts to hug both her and Bo.  Auntie then shows Bo pictures of Kenzi when she was a little girl.   Kenzi says something about her past and an abusive step dad. (This is the first time we learn of Kenzi's past and meet someone in her family.)  Kenzi begins telling her all that has happened.  The aunt thinks it's a joke and begins to laugh.
  At the station, Dyson has to meet with a witness, but he's afraid that the lady will start to attack him, like the rest. Hale tells him that he has to meet her, because it's a case that needs the witness.
  The girls are still trying to convince Kenzi's aunt that the curse is real.  She doesn't believe them until Bo tells her that she's a succubus and robs her of a bit of chi.  Kenzi is appalled by the display and says so, but it works and auntie believes them.  Bo shows her the marks on her torso,  auntie then tells them that she knows of a ritual to summon Baba Yaga, but she has never attempted it and doesn't know if it will work.
  At the station Dyson has agreed to be in the interview room with the witness but is scared that she might go all ballistic on him like the others.  Hale is asking the questions and all seems fine, until she gets this look on her face and tries to jump over the table to get at Dyson.  Dyson leaves the room in a hurry.
   Kenzi's aunt uncovers the large mirror in the back of the room and then puts on a necklace.  Kenzi wants to know what that necklace is for and she tells them it is to keep her safe from the witch. Kenzi is terrified and Bo tries to calm her.  Kenzi's aunt begins the ritual and slices Bo's hand collecting drops of her blood while she chants.  She then makes the mark of Baba Yaga on Kenzi's cheek.  Kenzi immediately goes into a trace and Baba appears in the mirror.  When Bo tells her that the curse was made by mistake the Baba Yaga decides to suck Bo into the mirror.  Kenzi comes out of the trace and stops the hag from taking Bo, but then she gets sucked into the mirror. Bo and Kenzi's aunt are left looking at the mirror, helpless to aid Kenzi.
   Kenzi finds herself in Baba Yaga's digs next to a huge furnace and an array of bones on the floor.  She keeps calling Bo for help, but a woman speaks to her and tells her that there is no way out.  Kenzi doesn't want to believe that she is stuck.  The imprisoned women want to help her do her chores, and get ready for the feast.
  Meanwhile Bo is trying to calm Ludmilla, Bo tells her that she needs to get into that mirror, but Ludmilla is in shock and can't even speak.
  Bo goes to see Trick and ask for his help.  Dyson is there and is trying to calm her.  Bo needs help so Trick sends her to see the new Ash.
  Kenzi is busy cutting potatoes and trying to find out more from the women.  She learns that there is a room that is off limits.  Kenzi goes to investigate and finds herself in front of a a creature that guards BY's chest, called a domovoi.
  Bo goes to visit the Ash because he knows of a way to find Kenzi.  He wants to know why he should help her.  Bo tells him that she will agree to freelance for him if he helps get Kenzi alive.  He agrees and tells her that it depends on how long she can hold her breath.
  Kenzi and the women are making the witches food, when she come back she allows each of the girls to pull a stone from a sack.  Who ever grabs a black marble leaves through the furnace.  The girl that has befriended Kenzi is the one to go.  Kenzi screams for her to fight, but she goes into the fire.  Baba Yaga is eating her food and see Kenzi watching her and shows her how she treats her pets.  She tells Kenzi to clean up, but Kenzi smacks her in the head with a pan and tries to escape, but the witch stops her.
  Dyson has taken Bo to met up with the Water Nymph, apparently Dyson and her hooked up in the past and she is hopping mad. Bo tells her that she has to help her.
   Baba Yaga is going to kill Kenzi, but she starts using her superior scam artist talents, claiming that she can train the witches pet creature.  She mentions the items that she will need, items that are far and between.  Baba Yaga falls for it and leaves to find the items.
  The Water Nymph is explaining how the cross over will work and that she doesn't think that Bo will survive.  Dyson tells her that Bo is determined.
  Meanwhile Kenzi is trying to train the creature she gives it scraps from the table and it snatches it and begins to eat it.
  The Water Nymph is preparing the water that will allow Bo to travel into Baba Yaga's home.  It is dangerous and she might not live.  The Water Nymph and Dyson hold her under. Dyson is there keeping her under the water.   Bo wakes up in Baba Yaga's cottage and tries to take out Baba, but she is much stronger than Bo and knocks her out.  Dyson brings her back out but she begs to go back for Kenzi.  Baba is happy that Bo comes back.  Kenzi pulls out a magic mirror, she was able to steal it from the chest, that will help them escape.  Baba wants the mirror and she will let them go.  She doesn't want to let the others go, but Kenzi breaks the mirror and gives each of the girls a piece to help them escape.  Baba smacks Bo again and goes after Kenzi.
    Dyson wants Bo to breathe, but she isn't .  The water nymph tells him that she thinks Bo will die.
   Kenzi is fighting the Baba and pushes her into the furnace, stopping Baba.  When Kenzi comes back with Bo she finds herself in the tub and Bo on the floor receiving CPR from Dyson.  He helps revive her and they all survive Baba Yaga's evil clutches.
    Dyson is back to normal and is able to do his job at the force.  Bo and Kenzi are drinking up a storm again. She shows Kenzi a bill her aunt sent them, for $300.00 dollars. While the girls celebrate, a hand appears in the mirror.  (I think Baba will want some revenge.)

Note:  A very interesting episode, love those one liners from Kenzi. I can't wait for next week's episode.

Kenzi's Best Lines:
  • "Are you saying Bo might have a fae STD?"
  • "Chiquita you are about to find out why."
  • "I always drink after a barbecue."
  • "Ok, making out with my peeps to prove a point, totally gross."
  • "She's a lamb chop compared to the hag in the mirror."
  • "I think I might vom."
  • "Yes, insane Martha Stewart, that is definitely what we should be worrying about."
  • "This place is like Hansel and Gretel meets Hannibal Lecter."
Here is what Kenzi said when she was invoking BY:

"Mother of Light, Baba Yaga, Baba Yaga, Imp's Grandmother, Devil's Great Grandmother. Come out from the glass through your shadow. Come out through your doppelganger. Let Dyson see. Because he thinks he's it, but he's just shit. Make him know what it's like to feel rejected. To be hated. This is my vengeance plea. Hear me Baba Yaga!"

Fae Definitions:

Music Found in This Episode:
  • Visions of You by Modern Superstitions
  • Turkey Pulse by Selected Sound
  • Bodhran Dance by Sonoton Music
  • Romanian Polka by Sonoton Music
  • Toundra by Kosinus Music
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