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Review: What A Duke Desires by Jenna Petersen

Aug 16, 2011

Book 1 ~  Billingham Bastards
The duke always gets exactly what he wants . . .

As the new Duke of Billingham, Simon Crathorne has one main duty to fulfill: find a proper wife and continue his family's exalted name. But of all the eligible women who have come to his country party, he desires only one. And she may be the most unsuitable bride of all.

Lillian Mayhew is desperate to expose a devastating secret about Simon's distinguished late father so she can salvage her family's reputation. Yet from the moment she meets her rakishly handsome host, she begins to question if she can destroy his world so callously. She once wanted nothing more than to destroy his good name—and now she wants nothing more than his kiss.

Caught between vengeance and ecstasy, Simon and Lillian begin a passionate affair. But betrayal lurks behind every stolen touch—and the duke's shocking past may be his ultimate undoing . . .

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I gave this book a 4

Blissful!  Intriguing!  Lillian's desire to exact revenge by way of divulging all of the late Duke of  Billingham's secrets keeps a reader interested.  Simon's sense of honor and his desire for Lillian is what romances are all about.   I'm a Jenna Petersen fan and enjoy her historicals, so when she began this new series it was a no brainer, I just had to read it.  I've owned this book since 2009 but wanted to reread the series in anticipation for the current release of A Scoundrel's Surrender, the 3rd book in the Billingham Bastards.  With each book the series grows and becomes more interesting.  Great summer read!

Publisher:  Avon

Source Code:  R

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  1. Another book still waiting to be read. I'll push it a bit higher on my TBR mountain. Thanks for the review Dana.


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