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Review: The Unclaimed Duchess by Jenna Petersen

Aug 16, 2011

Book 2 ~ Billingham Bastards

The life of a duchess has its ups and downs.

Betrothed at birth to the heir of one of England's loftiest titles, Lady Anne Danvers has been raised to run grand estates and host glittering parties. Which leaves her ill-prepared when her husband of one week rides off without a word, with no intention of returning.

Rhys Carlisle, Duke of Waverly, never wanted a love match—but he never dreamed he'd be abandoning his beautiful bride right after their blissful honeymoon. Alas, a terrible secret has shattered his world and he cannot face the truth . . . or the people he cares about most.
To entice back the husband she's long desired but barely knows, Anne will employ any means necessary—a surprisingly pleasurable proposition for them both. But the dangerous swirl of lies, deceits, and blackmail surrounding them merely grows stronger as their hearts grow closer, threatening to tear apart the passionate love affair they've only just begun . . .

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I gave this book a 4

Delightful! The Unclaimed Duchess by Jenna Petersen is the second book in the Billingham Bastard series and more pieces of the puzzle come to light. There is nothing better than a hero that has personal demons coming out of his shell. Rhys Carlisle is a complete jerk at the beginning of this book, but all that changes and he truly becomes all sorts of great.   Anne's love for Rhy has no bounds, she will deal with all his faults for the man that she loves and knows exist below the surface.

Publisher: Avon

Source Code: R

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