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Release Day Blitz: Protecting The Wolf's Mate by Sasha Summers

Oct 22, 2018

Protecting The Wolf's Mate
(Blood Moon Brotherhood, Bk #3)
by Sasha Summers


Ellen has one goal: vengeance. With little memory of her life before her imprisonment by a maniacal werewolf, her world has been full of pain, humiliation, and fear. But now that she's been rescued, her need for revenge is challenged by the urge to be part of a pack... and the unshakable connection to, Hollis, the man her wolf claims as their mate.

Hollis will do whatever it takes to protect his pack, and that includes looking after Ellen, who doesn’t need or want his help. He’s determined to keep her safe, even though she’s hell-bent on revenge, even if that means sacrificing himself. And it might come to that when the big bad comes back for the one woman he can’t live without.


“I asked if you were done with your glass?” She was the picture of innocence—minus the flare of hunger in her eyes. And the far too satisfied smile on her lips.

He couldn’t look away from her lips. He stepped forward to put his glass on the countertop, but she wedged herself between him and the counter. He could step back, give her space. Give him space. But she was testing him. If she thought he was going to back down, she was wrong. He gripped the marble counter on either side of her, pinning her there—warm and soft against him. Big mistake. Every inch of him hardened with craving. “No. I’m not done with my glass,” he ground out the words.

“More water?” She reached behind her, the action pulling her tank top tight against the full swell of her breast. No bra. Only thin cotton. The tip jutted up, tight. For him.

“No,” he snapped. He didn’t want water and she knew it. There was no missing the throb of his erection pressed against her belly.

“No?” she repeated. “Then you don’t need your glass?” Her bravado slipped when her gaze fell to his mouth.

“Dammit.” He growled, his lips descending on hers before he could stop himself.

Her lips parted instantly beneath his, stealing his breath and making him sway into her. How she managed to shift onto the counter he didn’t know. Her legs wrapped around his waist and her fingers tangled in his hair, tugging fiercely. He wasn’t sure who was kissing who, but her tongue stroked his and he no longer cared.

This was all he wanted.

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 About The Author

Sasha Summers grew up surrounded by books. Her passions have always been storytelling, romance, and travel. Whether it's an easy-on-the-eyes cowboy or a hero of truly mythic proportions, Sasha falls a little in love with each and every one of her heroes. She frequently gets lost with her characters in the worlds she creates; forgetting everyday tasks like laundry and dishes. Luckily, her four brilliant children and hero-inspiring hubby are super understanding and helpful.

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