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Early Review: Demon Forsaken by Jenn Stark

Sep 1, 2018

A Sin so great it cannot stand...

It's not easy being the wittiest, sexiest, most devilishly handsome member of his elite team of Demon Enforcers, but Finn of the Syx has worked it his entire existence. The existence he can remember, anyway. While his fellow demons can recall their lives as Fallen angels--and the sins that got them condemned--Finn's memory is a blank slate.

Which means his Sin was so horrible, not even the mind of a demon can handle it. Outstanding.

Now Finn is given his last chance for redemption: twenty-four hours to find an encrypted list of mortals marked for death. Unfortunately, the only person who can help him is Dana Griffin--the gritty, passionate, fiercely independent security expert who's far more than she thinks she is, and definitely more than Finn deserves. Not to mention she's being hunted by the worst of his kind.

Finn knows Dana is the key to his future and his past, but she'll also be a dead woman if he can't remember how to save them both before the clock strikes midnight on Christmas Eve. No pressure, though.

The life you've lost is all that can save you when you're a Demon Forsaken.


Demon Forsaken takes this series to an interesting place. Our knowledge of the world and it's players become much clearer in this second installment. Stark continues to deliver forces seen and unseen, revealing the depth of characters and their suffered pasts. I can see fragments of this story leading down untold story paths. Stark takes all the elements we love in paranormal and makes them her own. Finn and Dana's romance is a gradual yet passionate affair. Faced with a forgotten past, Finn's love for Dana guides him.   I wanted to hang out a bit longer with Finn and Dana. I feel as if this wont be the last of their story.  Fingers crossed. I look forward to reading more in the Demon Enforcer world.  I can't wait for Sara's continued adventures as well.  

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Next Book in the Demon Enforcer Series

November 28th 2018

Publisher: Elewyn Publishing
Pub Date: August 29, 2018

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