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Review: Unlit ~ Kingdoms of Earth & Air #1 by Keri Arthur

Jul 7, 2018

Winterborne has long been a city divided between those who have magic, and those who do not. Between those who are free, and those who are not… 

Though classified as having no magic, Neve March can hear the whispers of the wind and sometimes even control her. But it’s a secret she must hold close if she wishes to continue as Nightwatch—the soldiers who guard Winterborne against those who roam the wastelands and feast on human flesh. 

When Neve is sent to investigate a faint SOS signal, she not only unearths a woman close to death, but a plot involving an ancient enemy long thought dead. 

In an effort to expose those behind the plot, Neve goes undercover amongst Winterborne’s elite—a dangerous step that could expose her secret and rip away all that she holds dear. 

The trail of treachery leads her from Winterborne’s golden halls to the heart of the enemy’s hive, and it will shake her belief of not only who she is, but what she is


Hello Neve March!  Combat ready Neve finds herself surrounded in intrigue and plots. Things are starting to happen leading to questions that need answers.  She is part of the Nightwatch and sworn to protect the humans left in a barren world. After a mission where she almost loses her life,  Neve begins to learn there is more to the powers she has hid so well. Non stop action and mystery.  Neve must stop an evil plot.  Unlit has a special romance weaved in as well.  A great summer read.  I hope Arthur continues with the series.  

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Publisher:  KA Publishing PTY LTD
Pub Date: May 15, 2018

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