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Early Review: Rogues Rush In by Tessa Dare and Christi Caldwell

May 17, 2018

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling authors Tessa Dare and Christi Caldwell come together in this smart, sexy, not-to-be-missed Regency Duet! 

Two scandalous brides...
Two rogues who won’t be denied...

His Bride for the Taking by New York Times Bestselling author Tessa Dare

It’s the first rule of friendship among gentlemen: Don’t even think about touching your best friend’s sister. But Sebastian, Lord Byrne, has never been one for rules. He’s thought about touching Mary Clayton—a lot—and struggled to resist temptation. But when Mary’s bridegroom leaves her waiting the altar, only Sebastian can save her from ruin. By marrying her himself. 

In eleven years, he’s never laid a finger on his best friend’s sister. Now he’s going to take her with both hands. To have, to hold...and to love.

His Duchess for a Day 

by USA Today Bestseller Christi Caldwell 

It was never meant to be…
That’s what Elizabeth Terry has told herself while trying to forget the man she married--her once best friend. Passing herself off as a widow, Elizabeth has since built a life for herself as an instructor at a finishing school, far away from that greatest of mistakes. But the past has a way of finding you, and now that her husband has found her, Elizabeth must face the man she’s tried to forget.

It was time to right a wrong…
Crispin Ferguson, the Duke of Huntington, has spent the past years living with regret. The young woman he married left without a by-your-leave, and his hasty elopement had devastating repercussions. Despite everything, Crispin never stopped thinking about Elizabeth. Now that he’s found her, he has one request—be his duchess, publicly, just for a day. 

Can spending time together as husband and wife rekindle the bond they once shared? Or will a shocking discovery tear them apart...this time, forever?

3.5  STARS

His Bride For The Taking - Tessa Dare -3.5 stars

His Bride for the Taking by Tessa Dare was a short and humorous read.   I enjoyed Sebastian and Mary as a couple. I'm glad that Dare was able to make this short historical novella work, many times short historical stories never truly bring the stories to life.    

His Duchess For A Day - Christi Caldwell- 3 stars 

His Duchess for a Day by Christi began strong.  I found the characters likable and then something happened.  I'm not sure what.  It lost a bit of wind and dragged the story down a bit.  Overall it was okay. 

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Pub Date: May 22, 2018

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