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Review: Season 1 of The OA

Dec 16, 2016


Netflix has done it again! The OA will have you in awe. Talk about a bizarre, unfolding series that grabs you and just won't let go.  Teens once again hold the key to unraveling a seven year abduction mystery.  Or do they? Did it really happen?  The series begins with a peculiar muted visual look, that changes as the lead character describes her captivity and begins to experience a life of freedom. Prairie, better known to viewers as OA,  seems to be suspended between the young woman that was abducted and the survivor trying find her way back to the ones she was forced to leave behind.  Weaved with both visual and verbal lore throughout the series
and idyllic snow covered scenes lend for a fairy-talesque feel.  Look for  reoccurring symbols of the Tree of Life, angles, a white bird, the afterlife, and the light at the end of the tunnel to name a few as the story evolves.  What are these strange contemporary movements that seems too awkward to be part of the script yet feel sublimely right?  The OA will be this season's must see series on Netflix.  The season ends with a bang.  It will have you begging for more. 

Here are some questions I was left with:

1. Does OA see Homer as having a wolf spirit?
Did they travel as animals at one point? Her strong reaction to the wolf sweatshirt really got me thinking.

2. In the final episode Nancy is trying to talk to Abel after he learns she lied to him about Praire leaving a note. Was it just me or did the manner in which she says. The "it doesn't change the fact that HE took her away." Did her adoptive parents know HIM? Had he been searching for her like he did the others? 

I'm sure to have more as I watch the series again. 

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  1. I just added this to my list last night!
    How did you know!
    And IKR? All the Netflix orig. are amazing!
    Have you seen Wentworth? - OMG!!!


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