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Band of Wolfie Brothers - Lost Girl Recap

May 15, 2012

BrotherFae of the Wolves
Season 2 Episode 5
An old pack mate of Dyson, Cayden, arrives and asks for help in tracking down a stolen Mongolian death worm. Dyson, with Bo's help, discover that it will be sold in an auction. Cayden's arrival triggers memories of Dyson's past including a long dead friend and his mate, Ciara, who he was attracted to, and the events that lead to Dyson's leaving his pack. This includes the moment when Dyson first met the Norn that eventually took his love for Bo. Bo wins the auction, but discovers the person running the auction was the partner of Cayden and is betrayed. Dyson and Cayden battle, but Cayden escapes and the worm is recovered along with Ciara who Dyson had been told was dead. Lauren escapes the Ash and takes sanctuary in Bo's home. At the end of the episode, Lauren is with Bo, and Dyson is with Ciara.

My Take:  
    The episode opens up with Bo and Kenzi following Dyson down the street.  The girls have a new case and need Dyson's help.  A missing wife and a bloody rag is the only lead they have.  They need Dyson's help in identifying the blood.  Dyson tells them it's not human and keeps on walking.  Kenzi never wastes a opportunity to make one of her silly remarks.  As Dyson is walking away, he hears a commotion in the alley.  He walks into the alley and is attacked from behind. Bo arrives and breaks up the fight with a hose.  (A hose?  Yeah, a hose, what was water going to do to them?)  Dyson yells at her to stop while laughing and pulling off his wet shirt. (Take it off, babe!) He turns to her and tells her that it is the way pack behaves. Bo and Kenzi watch the two men in shock.
     The guys are back at the Da'l and Dyson and his pal are throwing drinks back, making jokes, and playing a wolfie game of arm wrestling.  Kenzi is snooping for Bo, trying to catch details on the new guy.  She learns that his name is Cayden and that's about all she learns.  The girls watch their "guy" behavior from the safety of the bar, until Trick shows up.  Bo and Kenzi want to know who the mystery guy is and Trick has some of the answers.
    Trick tells them the tale of Dyson and Cayden, as he begins the story, we are taken back in time, to an ancient world, where men wore skirts and braids.  Trick goes on to tell them that Dyson and Cayden belonged to a wolf pack of mercenaries who fought for the Fae King, Alric, for a hundred years.  They were called the Laignach Faelad, and were feared warriors.  Dyson severed his ties with the king and left the pack. Trick goes on to the tell them that wolves usually stay with the king they serve until they die.  
   Back at the table Cayden tells Dyson that the king has died.  He goes on to tell Dyson how much the boys in the gang miss him. Dyson wants to know what happen to Ciara, and Cayden tells him that Ciara killed herself.  
  Flashback...We are taken back in time as Dyson stands with his fellow pack mates in a camp.  There he and Cayden find themselves talking to Stefan and his wife, Ciara.  Cayden tells Dyson to be careful around Ciara because there seems to be some affection between them.  Dyson tells him that he would never betray Stefan.   While Cayden and Dyson talk, a missive from the King arrives requesting Stefan's presence. 
     Bo receives a phone call while at the Da'l  it's Lauren and she needs to see them as soon as possible. She tells them that she's at the clubhouse.  Bo tells her to stay there and wait for them.
    The girls arrive at their place to find Lauren in a panicked state.  Apparently all humans have been instructed to stay inside their living quarters unless they have to work. It would seem that the Ashe is throwing around his weight.  Bo promises to help Lauren with her problems with the Ash.  Lauren doesn't want Bo to go see the Ashe.
 At the Da'l Dyson wants to know what Cayden is doing in town.  He tells Dyson that he wants him to help him find a bomb.  Dyson tells him that he can't help him, but that he knows someone that can.  
   Dyson and Cayden arrive at Bo's door, Bo tells him that there will be no bootie call.  Dyson begins to tell Bo that he needs her help when he spots Lauren on the couch.  Cayden tells them that he's looking for a worm and that it is the deadly Mongolian Death Worm and that an arms dealer may be the only person who has it.  They tell Bo they need her to enter the docks, that happen to be dark fae territory. Kenzi and Lauren are not happy at all that Bo will be placed in such a dangerous position.
  The next day Bo goes to visit a black market dealer by the name of Cumberbatch and tells him that she is looking for a new toy, the wormy type. He tells her that it's a specialty that she is looking for.  Dyson is outside worried that Bo is in danger.
   Flashback...We are sent back in time with Dyson as there is a flashback of his past along side Stefan. Stefan has gone alone to meet the king, but Dyson plans to help him regardless.  He goes to see the Norn to intervene and save the life of Stefan.  The Norm asks for a price, the price is his wolf.  Dyson finds the cost too high and doesn't make the trade.
   Dyson and Cayden are driving around to the back of the warehouse Bo has entered to wait for her. Meanwhile inside Bo is being shown into the warehouse.  Just when she is about to use her powers on to the dealer, he backs away and hits a button, which in turn releases a net over Bo.   He then proceeds to tranq her with a dart, bringing Bo to her knees. Outside Cayden wants to enter the warehouse, but Dyson is worried about the rules.   Cayden enters anyway and saves Bo from the man's clutches.  Bo takes the mans laptop. As soon as Dyson sees Bo exit the warehouse, he goes to her, she gives him the laptop and a bit of attitude when Dyson tells her that she needs to heal.  She tells him that he's not the only wolf in town.
  In the next scene we find Bo in bed with a naked Cayden and she is pulling all the stops.  When he tells her that he's the big bad wolf and can take all that she dishes out,  Bo puts him through the paces and it would seem that Cayden indeed is big and bad.
    Bo emerges out of the bedroom to find Lauren baking cupcakes and Kenzi and Dyson pouring over the files on the stolen laptop.  Dyson gives Bo the once over, as she talks to Lauren.  Bo hopes that Lauren isn't upset, and Lauren tells her that she needed to heal and that it's in her nature.  The big bad wolf comes out of the bedroom in his boxers and grabs a cupcake, Dyson is watchful.  Lauren regrets running away from the Ashe.  Bo tells her to stay with them there.  Kenzi is able to hack the laptop and finds the site of the auction where the Mongolian Death Worm will be sold to the highest bidder.
   Kenzi, Hale, Dyson and Bo are inside the auction while Cayden is outside waiting for them. The three thousand year old death worm is revealed and Kenzi and Bo can't believe what they see.  DW happens to look like game show hungry granny, gone wrong.   The auctioneer begins to describe the worm and Bo happens to see the black-market dealer in the crowd, he sees her and salutes her. The auctioneer shows the crowd just what the worm is capable of with a demonstration.   As the auction begins and the bids are thrown out there, Kenzi  catches bidding fever and is throwing out outrageous numbers.  Bo wins the auction, but when they go to get the worm,  Dyson tells the auctioneer that he is going to confiscate the worm in the name of the Ashe.  At that moment Cayden shows up, killing the auctioneer and taking the the worm.  He was the one that stole the worm in the first place, and Bo and Dyson helped him retrieve it a second time.  When Dyson realizes that Cayden used him to steal the worm, Cayden kills the auctioneer and takes Velma the worm.  Bo and Dyson follow him but he gets away.
    Dyson and the girls realize that Cayden has struck a deal with Cumberbatch.  When they get there Dyson and Cayden begin to fight to the death.   Hale uses his powers to control Cumberbatch.  Bo gives Velma her TV back and calms her before she explodes. Cayden escapes with his life.  
   Flashback...We watch as Dyson and his men search for Stefan back in time, they find him dying and Dyson promises the dying man to care for his wife, Ciara.  When Dyson learns that the king killed Stefan in order to have Ciara for himself, Dyson cuts all ties with the king.
  Present... Dyson follows the scent of Cayden's blood and finds him dying. As Cayden bleeds out, Bo finds a woman in the back of the van, it's Ciara.  Ciara can't believe that she's seeing Dyson after so much time.
  Bo delivers the worm to the Ash and she asks that he treat the worm with respect.  He promises to do so and asks for Lauren, when Bo tells him that she hasn't seen her, he smiles and leaves the room with the worm.
  Dyson has taken Ciara back to his place and they are arguing as to who will sleep on the bed. Ciara kisses Dyson and tells him that she always wanted to do that.  He tells her that he can't, and Ciara tells him that it is because of a ghost. (I get the feeling it's not the vow to Stephan, but thought of what he had with Bo.)  When she says good night, Dyson has a change of heart and takes her in his arms kissing her to bed.  (I'm screaming NO at this point, you love Bo!)
  At Bo's house, Bo and Lauren are playing "who takes the bed" game, too. As Bo says goodnight and  walks into the bedroom Lauren watches with longing. (Ugh!)

Note:  I took issue with this episode.  Why?  Well, Dyson and Bo hook up with others and it looks like Dyson may be with Ciara for a time.  Yet, in all honesty if there wasn't any angst, there wouldn't be  anything to look forward to.  I really enjoyed the flashbacks to times long gone. I can't help but like Ciara, too.  Do you think Hale and Kenzi will ever hook up? It could happen..... and while I'm on the subject of it could happen, The Ash really has the hots for Bo, I wonder if he'll ever tap that?  Ha ha.
Kornbread99 and Cookster over on GetGlue called it like it was all nite!

Kenzi's Best Lines:
  • "OMG, guys, this just in, you're a policeman who's also his own police dog."
  • "It is a riddle cloaked in a mystery, wrapped in layers of hot, hot, manliness."
  • "Oh yeah, celebrating a besties physical triumph is like a girlie squeel over a 70% off sale at a shoe store."
  • "I'm just glad they're not sniffing each other's butt."
  • "What's happens in the the pack, stays in the pack."
  • "I mean, what an Ashe-hole."

Fae Definitions:
  • Laignach Faelad- ancient warriors from Ireland known as the Laignach Faelad, warriors that could change their form into that of a savage beast, such as a wolf. 
  • Mongolian death worm- a weapon of mass destruction on Lost Girl
Music Found in this Episode:
  • Big Bad Wolf by The Heavy                                                                                                     Heard when Bo has sex with Dyson's friend, Cayden.
  • Connaught Chase by KPM Music
  • Ancient Voices by Sonoton Music
  • Highland Games by Carlin Music
  • Space Mandoline by Kosinus Music
  • The Gathering by KPM Music
  • Spin And Win by APM Music
What's New!

Lost Girl runs on the SyFy Channel 
every Monday night at 10:00 Pm (East Coast)
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  1. Damn i missed it and it sounds like a good episode.

    1. Oh, it was good just not for fans that want Dyson and Bo together. Have a great trip and I'm having so much fun co-posting!

  2. I was sooo disappointed by the actions of Bo (really Bo? Cayden? (GAG))and Dyson (you horn dog you!). Did either of them think about finding a way around the Norns curse on Dyson? NO! Well, Bo questioned it. But Dyson just says "I can't have Bo anymore, so I'll go after what I can have". HORN D*O*G!!! I'm not happy *pout*!

    1. If only we could temporarily neuter Dyson until Bo finds a way to get his desire back! Ha!


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