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"ArachnoFaebia" ~ Lost Girl Recap

Feb 28, 2012

"ArachnoFaebia" ~ Lost Girl Recap
Season 1; Episode 7

Kenzi is running a scam in which she is cleansing homes of evil spirits. She does so in a home where a murder/suicide took place. In the process of doing so, she is bitten by a Djieiene, an Under Fae creature that is similar to a giant spider. Over the course of the episode, Bo and Hale are also bitten and the paranoia created makes them try to kill each other. The only hope for them to be saved is Lauren and Dyson who are running out of time.

My Take:
   Kenzi has ordered pizza and has the hots for the pizza guy.  As Kenzi is hitting on him, Bo walks up and touches him putting him under her spell.  She escorts him to the door, and reminds him to bring them a extra cheese the next time they order.  Although they get a free pizza, Kenzi is left without the Ac-tors digits. The girls have their first fight, arguing over the kitchen counter doing double duty as a hamper and dangerous weapons left out in the open.  
   Somewhere in town there's a lady locking up her house and talking to someone we can't see.  She goes on and on about the dangers that exist in the outside world.  She locks doors, closes curtains, and has a handy rolling pin just in case.   Out of the blue a woman comes into the kitchen and stabs the lady in the stomach with a pair of knitting needles.  As she stabs her over and over she tells her how tired she is of listening to her constant bitching and wants her to shut up.  As the stabbing fest continues will follow the yarn connected to the stabbing needles to a ball of yarn where a black spider emerges. 
  Back at the house Bo watches as Kenzi gets dressed and is sporting the cutest blond wig.  Kenzi's outfit is very gypsy-est. Bo wants to go with Kenzi and Kenzi assures her that she doesn't have to, but Bo senses that Kenzi is up to no good and wants to tag along.  
    The girls end up at the house of the needle stabbing biddy, greeted at the police taped front door by a Realtor.  Apparently Kenzi's name is Shaman Sigani and she's using an interesting accent, it would seem that she's played the part before.  The Realtor wants the house to be cleansed of spirits.  The house is almost void of furniture and there's spider webs in just about every corner.  Bo is cracking up at Kenzi's name and Kenzi  tells her to help out and keep quiet.  Bo helps by lighting a bundle of sage and Kenzi tells the Realtor that she will ban the spirits from the house.  The Realtor blesses Kenzi and Kenzi puts her con talents into full force by touching the Realtor's head and exorcising non existent energy from her.  The Realtor is in awe as Kenzi turns on her Shaman powers and begins to dance throughout the house, chanting and weaving the sage through the air.  Bo watches,  trying to keep a straight face.  
   Dyson and Hale leave a house, they happen to be canvasing the neighborhood where the old biddies lived.  They are investigating the deaths of both sisters.  The murders have been tagged as a murder suicide, but Dyson reminds Hale that it's the fourth murder in the past three months with the same MO. Dyson is worried that it might be the Dark Fae who are behind the killings, but Hale is doubtful.  As the boys are about to jet, Hale notices the Suc mobile is parked across the street.  Dyson can't believe she's at the old biddies home.
   Inside the old biddies home Kenzi is performing an Oscar worthy exorcism, and is ending in dramatic cross eyed flair, leaving the Realtor open mouthed. (Kenzi finishes her chant without her accent.) Bo helps an exhausted Kenzi up from the floor, and a black spider stealthy get into Kenzi's bag. Kenzi tells the Realtor that the house is spirit free and gets paid, walking out with the spider infested bag.  After the girls leave they find Dyson and Hale on the front lawn waiting for them.  Bo accuses Dyson of following her, he informs her that it's his crime scene.  Kenzi and Hale are bantering while Dyson and Bo talk. Hale accuses Kenzi of running a Gypsy con and Kenzi cuts him in for five percent.  Dyson wants Bo's help on the case.  Bo is super surprised that he wants her help. Bo promises to meet up with Dyson at the Dell.
    Later on at the Dell Bo is studying the case file Dyson has brought, on the deaths of  the sisters.  Dyson wants Bo to keep her eyes and ears open and to see if her Dark contacts know anything.  Bo reminds Dyson that she had told him that not taking sides would be beneficial.  In enters Doc Lauren for their drink date, right away you can sense the tension in the air. Dyson asks if Lauren is there in a professional capacity, and Lauren quickly dissuades him of that notion.  Dyson and Lauren are posturing in front of Bo, it seems that neither one of them wants the other to be there. Bo feels awkward and ask Lauren to sit with Dyson and her. Bo is blathering about how they've never been together.   
  Hale and Kenzi are sitting at the bar and watching as the scene unfolds.  Hale tells Kenzi that she is jealous of Bo and Kenzi is quick to deny it.  She reaches into her purse and feels a bite on her finger. Hale opens her bag up to see what bit her and starts to pull our Kenzi's arsenal of weapons.  He doesn't find anything, but we know what lies inside. Kenzi leaves in a snit, claiming that Hale gave her a headache.  Over on the other side of the room, Lauren comments that Dyson doesn't return her calls. (It would seem that our Alpha wolf is jealous of Bo's friendship with the Doc.) Dyson goes on the tell her that he doesn't like to be poked and prodded,  he needs a physical it would seem.  Lauren tells Dyson that Ash has ordered the physical and Dyson tells her that Ash himself can call him.   Lauren reminds him that they are on the same side and Dyson is quick to tell her that, "no they are not, she is a human that works for his kind."  Bo tries to smooth things out with shots, but Dyson and Lauren are not having any of it. Dyson tells Lauren that she only speaks when the Ash tells her too.  Lauren decides that she has had enough and leaves, Bo is not happy with Dyson.
   Meanwhile Kenzi is at home enjoying a milk cartoon and a bottle of pills as she watches TV.   She finds a basket of clothes with a note to fold them.  She is so mad, she flips the basket full of clothes. Then Bo walks into the room  and tells Kenzi about helping Dyson with the case, she begins to pick up the clothes and she tells K about Lauren and Dyson. K gives her two cents on the situation, Bo then tells her to fold the clothes she picked up.
    Bo is taking a shower when we see the spider jump down into the shower with Bo. (we don't see the bite take place, but by Bo's actions in the next scene, it's a done deed.)  Kenzi is eating a bowl of cereal as she reads the box. She then begins to hear noises, and ask Bo about it in between bites. Bo is in a wicked mood and apologizes for being short with Kenzi. Both Kenzi and Bo have throbbing headaches.
     Bo decides to visit Lauren to see if something is wrong with her.  Lauren checks her out and tells her that she is in great condition.  Bo tells her that she doesn't feel right. Lauren tells her that the injections can have all the side effects Bo is feeling.  Bo tells her that she hasn't been feeling any of that before.  Doc tells her that she is always adjusting the medication.  Lauren ask Bo about her and Dyson, but Bo never gets to answer her because Kenzi walks in all jittery and grabs Lauren.   She wants Lauren to check her out because she can't stand how she feels. Lauren checks Kenzi's pupils and that's when everything goes off kilter.  As Bo watches Lauren check Kenzi, she starts to see them making out.  That's right Bo sees Kenzi and Lauren locking lips and she has to shake herself out of it to see reality.  Lauren tells Kenzi that if both of them are sick it must be something in their environment that's making them sick.  Bo gets all nasty and says it must be all the dirty dishes that is making them sick.  Kenzi confronts her and tells her to bring it on, but Bo declines because she has to visit Dyson.
     At the station Dyson has made a connection between all the murder/suicide victims, they all new each other.  Bo walks in to the station and tells Dyson that she's checked with all her Dark Fae contacts and they know nothing of the murder suicide victims.  Then she tells Dyson that she wants him to run a background check on Kenzi.  Dyson is shocked, and ask her why.  Bo tells him that Kenzi is acting suspiciously and that she doesn't trust her.  Then Bo hears him say, " Why don't you just kill her."  Bo does a double take and asks Dyson what he said and he tells her that he always thought that Bo trusted Kenzi.  Bo agrees with him and leaves the station. Hale calls Dyson over to look at some clothes from the scene of the crime, it's covered in webs.  Dyson says that Bo told him the old biddies house was full of spider webs.  Then Hale reminds him that the other victim's house was also full of webs.  They look at each other and know that they now have their first lead.  The decide to take it to the fae labs to get tested.
   Back at the fae lab Lauren is checking out the web under a microscope.  She tells Dyson that it is most definately fae and a very old fae.  Lauren then turns to Dyson and tells him that she wants to give him the physical.  Dyson complies and allows the physical, but then she sees that he is in therapy and wants to know why.  He tells her that it's private and not anyone's buisness, Lauren tells him everything is the Ashes business.  Dyson goes on to call her Ashes narc, and that it was good to know.   Lauren goes on to tell Dyson that Bo told her that Dyson was tired a lot.  Dyson was surprised and Lauren tell him that Bo tells her lots of things because they are close.  Dyson says that the reason he is tired is Bo's fault.  Lauren wants to know more, but Dyson tells her that if she is so close with Bo, she should ask her why. (Touche) After Dyson walks out of the lab, Lauren doesn't look to happy.  
    Bo arrives home and calls out Kenzi's name asking for some calimine lotion.  Kenzi jumps out from behind the sofa, and pulls Bo into a hiding squat.  Kenzi tells Bo that a huge spider tried to web her face and Bo can't believe that Kenzi is afraid of an insect.  Kenzi tells her that it's in the basement.  As they walk towards the stairs leading to the basement, Kenzi is weilding a sword, and Bo wants her to go down the stairs first because she's afraid Kenzi will push her down the stairs.  Kenzi agrees and starts to descend the stairs.
    Dyson is back at the station and takes a call, it's Lauren.  She goes on to tell him that the test came back with a name for the creature that spun the web, it's called a Djieiene.  She tells him that it is extremely rare and very dangerous.  She then explains the side effects of the venom form a bite, extreme bouts of rage, and paranoia are just to name a few.  The dijeine will also feed off the pheromones of it's victims which in turns doesn't allow the victims to leave it their homes.  Dyson realizes that Bo has been bitten and rushes off to find her, he hangs up on Lauren.  Lauren apparently pushes an emergency number and a woman appears, Lauren tells her that they have a very serious situation.
   Kenzi reaches the basement talking in hushed tones and wielding the sword.  Kenzi and Bo see that the basement is full of webs and Kenzi pushes Bo to confront the spider on her own as Kenzi makes a run for it.   As they both run for the door, they realize that the door is blocked with bricks. (Apparently this is an illusion and not reality.)  Bo and Kenzi start arguing and things get ugly fast. Kenzi begins to hear things and  Bo is loosing patients fast. Kenzi keeps hearing voices telling her to kill the succubus.  Hale stops by the house and is on the phone with Dyson, he describes the condition of the house with all the webs.  Kenzi pulls the sword on Hale and takes his phone from him. Then Bo takes and hits Hale over the head with a frying pan.  She tells Kenzi that Hale knew about the spider, so he must working with it.  As Kenzi secures Hale to a chair with saran wrap, Bo is bitching about Kenzi stealing her clothes.  They begin to argue once again, but Bo realizes that she is sick and needs to feed.  Kenzi takes up a bat to keep Bo from feeding from her, but ends up hiding.  Bo feeds off Hale and it seems to help her realize that they have been hallucinating.  When Bo goes to get Kenzi she opens to door to find that the house has been quarantined and that she can't leave because they will shoot her.
      Dyson shows up to find the house surrounded by fae security forces and the house quarantined.  Dyson meets the Ash's new head of security.  Dyson learns that the spider must be killed and it's victims.  He wants to be let in to help his partner and the girls. Security gives Dyson two hours to help before they go in and kill everyone, but he can't go in the house.  Bo calls Dyson and tells him that she has feed of Hale and healed herself, Dyson wants her to define feed.  Bo tells him  Hale is fine and to just help them.  Just then Hale is coming to and sees Mr. Spider  approaching him. It climbs up his leg and bites him, Hale seems to fall asleep. Dyson promises Bo that he will find a way to help them.
    At the Dell Dyson finds Lauren and Trick pouring over books.  It seems like the last time the spider was a problem it killed 600 people in a mining town.  Dyson is spitting mad that Lauren called the Ash, Trick tells him she did the right thing.  Trick tells Dyson that they don't know how they can kill the spider. 
   Bo decides to go down into the basement in search of the spider and starts talking to it as she searches.  She finds it and splits it in half with a shovel, only to find it fuses itself back together again. It seems like someone closed the basement door on Bo, leaving her with the spider.
   Trick is still trying to find information that will help them.  They find out that the spider is invincible, it hides it's heart elsewhere so it can't be killed unless the heart is found. They realize that one of the Bo's people of interest is an exotic collector and dealer of the insects and animals.  Dyson and Lauren go in search of him, they hope to find the heart.  
   Kenzi has locked Bo in the basement and is untying Hale so that he can help her escape.  Hale tells Kenzi that he will help her, but his paranoia is running high and he takes up an ax and hides it.  He leads her to Bo's bedroom and starts to laugh.  When Kenzi asks him what's so funny, he tells her that he wonders if he can whistle loud enough make her brains explode.  Kenzi runs away and locks herself in a room and turns on a vacuum in order to block out Hale's whistle.  
    Dyson and Lauren find the collector and take him back to the Dell.  He rants on and on about his baby, the spider.  He doesn't want them to hurt it. Trick finds out that he translated the text wrong and that what it really says is that the spider hides it's heart into someone not in the ground.  They realize that the guy has two heart beats and that they will have to take it out.
   Meanwhile Hale is hacking at the door that separates Kenzi and him. When he finally makes it through and  unlocks the door, Bo smacks him in the head with the pan again.   Kenzi then takes Hale's gun and points it at Bo and chases her through the house.  
  Dyson talks to security and they are going to douse the house to kill everyone inside, Dyson tells her that they can kill it, but she does want to listen and gives the go ahead to start. She seems to be a fire starter.
  Trick and the gang have found the heart and Lauren starts the extraction.  Kenzi is shooting at Bo and is trying to kill her.  Dyson tells Lauren to destroy the heart.  As she slices it in half the spider dies and Kenzi and Bo come out of their paranoia haze and realize that they almost killed each other. They hug each other and go in search of the spider, glad to find it dead.   Lauren calls off the dousing in the name of the Ash and the house doesn't get torched.
      Back at the lab Kenzi and Bo are getting checked out after the ordeal.  The poison disappears after the spider died.  Bo thanks Lauren for saving their lives again and invites her out for drinks.  Hale apologizes to Kenzi for almost killing her, Kenzi accepts.  Hale wants Kenzi to keep mum about his kiss with Bo, Kenzi agrees. Dyson comes in and confronts Lauren about not trusting her.  Lauren tells him it's not his trust she needs and Dyson tells her that she almost got Bo killed.  He walks away and Lauren shares a look with Bo. 
   Bo and Kenzi are back at home and Kezni is picking up clothes.  They both apologize about all the things that occurred and assure each other that they will always stand by each other's side.   In walks in Dyson carrying a pizza.  Dyson tells Bo not to trust Lauren because she is too close to the Ash. Bo tells him that she does trust Lauren.  He tells her that the next time she needs healing to call Lauren, and then he walks away.  
Kenzi ends this episode spraying bug spray everywhere.

Note:  Lauren is starting to get on my nerves.  I don't trust her either.

Kenzi's Best Lines:
  • "I'm pretty sure his crust is double stuffed."
  • "So, did you pick a lover or did Doctor Freeze and Canine Crotch  fight to death."
  • "Because he has testies."
  • "His eyes say NO, but his inner wolf says awoooo-e-YES!"
  • "Poor Bo, so many choices, just one vag."
  • "Did you bring home elves last night?  I'm not judging, I just want to know."
  • "I've seen this movie, the funny friend ends up getting a fricking hockey skate in the jugular every time."
  • "You are a God in wolf's clothing."

Fae Definitions:
  • Djieiene- an Under Fae creature that is like a spider.

Music found in this episode:
  • Don't Be Funny by Dragonette
  • Chrissy's Reel by A Man Da Band
  • Apples by Delhi 2 Dublin
  • All Around The World by Musique and Music

Lost Girl runs on the SyFy Channel 
every Monday night at 10:00 Pm (East Coast)
Check in on GetGlue with me and other fans every week.

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  1. I could not agree more about Lauren getting on my nerves. That sneeky little smile and her annoyance with Dyson makes me not really want to see her on the screen. :)


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