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Review: Nightshine by Lynn Viehl

Nov 25, 2011

         As a psychic, Samuel Taske can see the future, but he never predicted that he'd fall for San Francisco paramedic Charlotte Marena, the woman he's been charged with protecting. GenHance-the biotech company willing to do anything to acquire superhuman DNA-is after them. And when Samuel discovers that his Takyn powers have abandoned him, Charlie and her secret nighttime telepathic ability are their only hope for survival...

I gave this book a 4

Nightshine by Lynn Viehl is a must read this holiday season.   Lynn Viehl will delight you in this intriguing Takyn novel.  We are shown more amazing characters in this wonderful series, that leaves you wanting to know more.  If you're a fan of the series. pack your bags you're going to the tropics.  Sam and Charlie burn up the pages with a fiery passion!  Viehl's cleverly answers our questions and takes us on an expedition of all things Takyn. I'm looking foward to what comes next!

Publisher:  Signet Select

Source Code:  R

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  1. It is lying on my shelf, and I do long for some quality reading time, so I can finish it in one day. Looking forward to it a lot.


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