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Review: Live Wire by Lora Leigh

Mar 16, 2011

Book 6 in the Elite Ops Series


The Elite Ops is a stealthy underground agency whose one goal is to combat terror.  Those of the Elite Ops are known to a few and only by their codenames.  The soldiers of the Ops have no past, it has been buried along with their old lives.  Once they sign on to the Elite Ops they are born again with new names and new lives, but the past has a way of coming back…

Captain Jordan Malone is the head of this elite group of soldiers.  He is the keeper of their secrets.  Over the years his men and their safety have been his only priority.  He has watched on the sidelines as each one of his team members found true love.   A love he never believed in, for Jordan it is only an illusion. All that changed, shattered to pieces the day Tehya walks into his life.

Tehya Talamosi, has been running for her life ever since she was five.  She finally found a semblance of normalcy as a operative for the Elite Ops, but that is all about to change.  Elite Ops is disassembling, their contracts are up and new operatives will be put in play.  She will now have to live on her own and her heart will be torn to pieces as she walks away from the one man she has ever loved.

They have been searching for Tehya for years and news of her resurfacing has reached the ears of those who want her.  She was able to escape once, yet she no longer has the option to hide.  Tey will have to face the dangers and horrors she so desperately tried to evade.  She has no choice, those she loves are in danger.

Jordan never realized how much he needed Tey, until the day she left.  He will protect Tey and eliminate any threat to her.  She has suffered most of her life, and he will see her set free, there can be no other viable option.  His need to keep her from harm and out of the hands of killers, is his new mission.
As danger surrounds Tey, Jordan can no longer deny his feelings for her.  What he feels for Tey is unlike anything he has ever felt for another woman.  Together Jordan and Tey will fight to save those they care

I give this book 3.5 out of 5

Smokin! Orgasmic! Lora Leigh brings another terrific book to the table with LIVE WIRE.  I’m a huge fan of the author and the series.  Jordan’s story has been anticipated for some time, bringing a wonderful saga to an end. Lora Leigh draws an erotic picture, written to tantalize the senses in this very steamy book.  If true to form, Lora will have another incredible series in the works.

WARNING: This book has the potential to leave you hot and bothered.

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks


  1. Nice review hon! =D I like Lora's Breed series =D Havent read this one yet... sounds good!

  2. is terrific i luv lora nauti si and elite ops series , my fav is wild card, is just something about this irish eyes.... i almost finish reading it and i feel sad because i think this is the last one....


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