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"Bonds of Justice" Review

Jul 10, 2010


"Bonds of Justice" is the 8th book in the

PSY/ Changeling Series

by the talented Nalini Singh (

The PSY/ Changleling series brings humans, changelings, and PSY together in an incredible world. "Bonds of Justice" is a compelling and intense book.
Detective Max Shannon is haunted by the promises made to the families of the lost. Finding the lost has become his sole existence. His life soon takes on new meaning when meeting Sophia Russo. A terrifying serial killer brings them together. During the investigation Max and Sophia discover that neither is as dead on the inside, as they thought. Time is of the essence for Max and Sophia. The investigation takes them on a journey where they will find the truth and face their greatest fears. Through this odyssey, followers of the series will be able to catch up with old friends. Nalini Singh weaves the most captivating, awe-inspiring worlds, that come alive in all her books.

Rating: llll 4/5

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