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Early Review: Ten Kisses to Scandal by Vivienne Lorret

Nov 30, 2018

USA Today bestselling author Vivienne Lorret returns with the second book in her charming, witty Misadventures in Matchmaking series, in which the sister with terrible matchmaking skills makes a bargain with a notorious rake to get him to teach her about attraction

The Bourne Matrimonial Agency has one rule—never fall in love with the client. However, they never said anything about kissing a rake…

Briar Bourne’s matchmaking career could be summed up in two words—comic disaster. Unless she can learn about the irresistible forces that draw men and women together, her professional future looks rather bleak. But Briar has an intriguing plan—enlisting London’s most irredeemable rake to teach her everything he knows about attraction. Given his notorious reputation, it’s no surprise that Nicholas Blacklowe, the Earl of Edgemont, requests one thing in exchange for his tutelage. For every lesson, he wants a kiss in return. And what harm could there be in a simple kiss? After all, Briar would never fall for a scoundrel…

Nicholas has no romantic notions about love, and no intention of changing his ways. He’s only helping Briar so that she can find the perfect bride for his jilted cousin. Yet Briar is so clever, so curious, so candid—so blasted tempting—that soon, Nicholas can’t stop wondering what it might be like if he was irresistible to her.

Ten lessons. Ten kisses. And a million ways to fall hopelessly, scandalously in love.


Ten Kisses to Scandal made me giddy the entire time I was reading. It was similar to experiencing butterflies on your very first date. I was breathless as the tension between Briar and Nicholas blossomed and fully engaged with the main and secondary characters. Briar was like a breath of fresh air. Although she was naive, it wasn't the cloying naivety that drags a story down, it added depth. It was refreshing and welcoming. Nicholas is the perfect rake to teach Briar all the things she needs to learn. I wish the ending had been different. I felt it was too bland for such bold and endearing characters. They deserved more. This is a great story, it's humor and passion will take you on a journey. I can't wait to read more stories in the Misadventures in Matchmaking series by Vivienne Lorret .

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Publisher: Avon
Pub Date: Dec. 24, 2018

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