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Release Day Blitz & Giveaway: Shadow of the Summer Moon by Amanda LeMay

Jun 26, 2018

Shadow of the Summer Moon 
(Sakana Series Book 2)
by Amanda LeMay

Branded by my pack Alpha.

Betrayed by my mother.

Raised by lies and falsehoods.

The betrayal just as twisted and hideous as the deep scars I now carry.

I have one choice: let my wolf loose and run. Run for my life and to the only other wolf who escaped the San Francisco pack.

I leave my past and my pack behind, hoping for protection, a new home, a new pack and a chance to live free. The last thing I ever dream of finding is a mate.

But falling into Gunner Bodolf’s arms is as simple as breathing in his irresistible scent. And once he kisses me, I can’t walk away. Having been lied to my entire life, there is so much I don’t know about being a wolf. I certainly know nothing of the sakana bond, a rare and precious bond between two wolves, connecting their minds, bodies, and souls.

Gunner and I now share this priceless ancient gift.

I ran from hell and ended up in heaven. Unfortunately, the deadly danger I left behind tracks me across the country to the middle of nowhere, Texas.

My past will never let me go without a challenge, a challenge I refuse to run from. To protect my new life, my new pack, my new mate, I will fight.

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Gunner’s gaze held me to my spot. He lowered his head and stalked toward me. Thick muscle rippled beneath his fur as he closed the distance between us. My heart pounded. I could barely breathe. But I wasn’t afraid or anxious. What raced through my blood as I watched Gunner move had nothing to do with fear or anxiety. It was a strange sort of tingling sensation that traveled up my spine, urging the wolf in me to come forward, to offer up my belly in submission.
He made me feel wild. Reckless. Out of control.
Years of denial kicked in as I clenched my suddenly aching teeth. No changing. No shifting. I’d spent seven days letting my wolf run free. That side of me was a dark place. It drove me. It controlled me. It scared me.
Gunner’s claws scratched at the wood on the porch as he wound his big body around my legs and hips. My fingers sifted through his sun-warmed soft coat, dug deeper and felt the heat of his body.
“I had no idea wolves were so incredibly soft.” The words floated out of my mouth on a whisper. “Or so beautiful.”
Gunner took one more turn around my hips, his big, bushy tail swirling in a happy sort of way. He snuggled his muzzle, cheek, and ear into the valley between my breasts, then lifted his head a little higher to lick my lips and chin in one full swipe.
I giggled as I wiped my mouth with the back of one hand and pushed Gunner away with the other. “I hate to say this, but your wet, wolfy kisses really can’t compare to your lips and teeth and tongue.” His wolf kisses called to the female inside me and she ached to be free, to feel this male all over me in my wolf form.
He snorted, but seemed to grin anyway. He gave me a gentle shove with his head, pushing me toward the front doors.
“Okay, I’m going.” I stepped inside and headed in the direction of the dining room. Behind me, I heard Gunner’s claws clicking on the slate-tiled floor, going the other direction. I turned just in time to witness his shift: his fur disappeared, his back straightened and brought him upright on his tanned, muscular legs. I swept my gaze up and up, from his feet to his calves to his thighs to his perfectly shaped ass.
My mouth fell open in awe. I didn’t stop there, though.
His lower back widened into huge, muscled shoulders and strong arms. He turned and faced me. I stood there, speechless.
He’s magnificent.
I couldn’t stop staring. There was just so much of him.
Oh, my.
Oh, wow.
Oh…dear ancient gods…
It started in my cheeks, the pleasing burn that swiftly rushed through my entire body and settled in my midsection. The room closed in like a kiln as I tried to breathe. And when I sucked in a breath, all I could smell was him. I wrenched my gaze upward to find Gunner smiling back at me.
“I’m gonna get washed up. Throw on some clothes. Go on.” He lifted his chin in the direction of the kitchen. “Get yourself some supper before the boys eat it all.”
And then he was out of my sight.
I found the closest chair and gracelessly plopped myself into it. I’d seen naked men before. Full frontal, up close and personal. But compared to Gunner, they were no more than boys just out of their teens. I had to admit, my experience was extremely limited, but still. I leaned forward, held my head in my hands with my elbows planted firmly on my knees to keep my feet from running down the hall in search of the Comfort pack’s Alpha male. Throwing myself at another female’s mate was the most dishonorable thing I could do.
Stupid. Silly. Reckless.
“What is wrong with me?” I muttered.
I stared out the huge picture windows. Miles and miles of land as far as I could see. From the road, I’d seen an orchard of neatly lined trees, and acres and acres of rolling hills where cattle grazed peacefully. From inside, I could see the house was elevated enough to block out the circular driveway and look out over land that had been left untouched and untamed by man. After running for seven days, feeling the dirt between my toes, letting my inner wolf run free—though the animal side of me was a little frightening, especially when the need for food kicked in—I would never be able to live in a city again.
“Perfect.” I sighed.
I jumped. My eyes locked on to his.
I saw you naked. Totally. Mouth-wateringly. Naked.
Gunner stood with his hands on his hips. Worn jeans, dark blue button-down shirt, rolled-up sleeves, with the collar of his white T-shirt peeking out from the V of the top button.
“You okay?” he asked softly.
I’m okay. I nodded and smiled, probably looking like a mild form of village idiot. “I’m not used to…” Seeing you naked. “…seeing…so many wolves in one place.” Which was also true. “Rule’s pack never spent any time together as a pack. As wolves.” Naked.
“They can be a rowdy bunch sometimes, but I trust my pack. Trust ’em like they were my own flesh and blood.”
I nodded, not knowing what to say. If Gunner trusted them, then so did I. Naked or not.

Sakana Series

Kiss of the Winter Moon 
Bk #1

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About The Author

Indie author Amanda LeMay grew up on a small farm in Southern California reading every sci-fi book her dad passed on to her and watching every classic horror movie her mom shared with her. Her love for paranormal romance was an easy leap. Amanda published her first paranormal romance – full of dark sexy wolf-shifters called KISS OF THE WINTER MOON - in February 2018. Her wolf-shifters share a rare and special bond with their mates: the sakana bond, a rare and ancient bond that links their minds, bodies, and souls.

Amanda still lives in Southern California with her own Alpha-male husband and two grumpy cats and dreams of living on the beach in Texas. When she isn't writing, or thinking about writing, (or plotting, or characters, or dialogue, or world building), she's probably working on any number of crafts, sewing, gardening, or lost in another authors' wonderful dream world. She plots most of her novels while walking, or driving, or while on long Texas beach vacations sitting outside listening to the waves. She loves reading paranormal romance, fantasy romance, sci-fi romance, contemporary romance...well, just romance in general. 

Her second novel in the Sakana Series, SHADOW OF THE SUMMER MOON, is set to go live on June 26, 2018.

Book trivia - 
“While on a road trip from Southern California to Texas, about an hour outside of San Antonio we passed through a little town called Comfort. I’d already been in the process of writing a wolf-shifter story, so naturally, I pictured an entire pack hiding in plain sight in the middle of this blink-and-miss it town. I spent the next 2 weeks plotting out a story that became the first book in the Sakana Series, Kiss of the Winter Moon. Where I had planned on another book taking second place, Shadow of the Summer Moon soon took its spot as the result of story hijacking by my beta reader, Janna. She’d dreamed Gunner Bodolf, the Comfort pack Alpha, met his sakana and her name was ‘Simone’. She gave me a few details and I took them, added a little over 126,000 other words and gave Gunner his happily ever after.”

Visit Amanda’s website at and sign up for her newsletter to receive exclusive cover reveals and chapter previews. 

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