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Early Review: DITCHED by RC Boldt

Mar 30, 2018

He's playing for the heart she's had sidelined for years.

Dating can be a rocky journey. Once the new shine wears off, you may end up with a case of buyer’s remorse.

That’s where I come in. I set the backdrop and coach you through the breakup.

Don't want overblown drama, hard feelings, or a drink tossed in your face? Then I'm your fairy godmother, child.

As an NFL quarterback, endorsement ads and the media pandering after me are all part of the game.

Ivy Hayes is the first woman who doesn't care about my money and the notoriety that goes along with it.

But I'm a long-term guy, and she operates strictly in the now. Which means I need to bring my A-game.

Otherwise, I’ll end up getting ditched.

**Ditched is a sports romance/contemporary romance with a bit of a twist. It is a standalone, full-length novel.**


RC Boldt has scored a touchdown with Ditched! If you’re looking for a new book boyfriend, Becket Jones just might be the one!

I loved this book! It was a nice change to read about the man wanting the real-deal relationship. Becket’s got his work cut out for him with Ivy Hayes though!

Ivy’s in the business of helping people get out of relationships and she’s not one for any attachments with men. Can Becket be the one to get through the walls Ivy has put up? Or will he get Ditched?

So many feels with this one. I thoroughly enjoyed Ivy and Becket’s story. The side characters were awesome too!

I highly recommend Ditched. It had me from page one!

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Publisher: RC Boldt Publishing, LLC
Pub Date: April 3, 2018

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