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Review: Danger's Vice by Amanda Carlson

Feb 16, 2018

Outskirts never die…

After narrowly escaping death, Holly is back on the streets in a quest to find the elusive pico. Discovering what’s on the quantum drive—the same one the outskirts had been willing to kill for—is priority number one. Daze is recovering, and forgiving the kid was easier than she thought it would be. The cranky outskirt is another story.

It doesn’t take Holly long to discover that Tandor’s crew hasn’t been obliterated, and are actively seeking retribution. They’re recruiting Northerners, but she’s found one who’s willing to spill. It’s a good thing, too, since things are starting to get strange. On the hunt, she stumbles on an old man dressed in a burial cloth, and witnesses a seeker wandering the streets where it shouldn’t be.

But after a friend gets caught up in the fray, Holly’s hand is forced. She has to act fast to procure the information she needs. But what she learns is harrowing. The outskirts aren’t just taking over the city—they’re infecting people with Plush, and the quantum drive may hold the only key. In order to save lives, she’s must find that pico. The only problem is, it might be too late...



Another great book in the Holly Danger series. Danger’s Vice is a continues fight, this time against Tandor’s second in command. He is worse than his predecessor. This story is thought out, seeing to the minutiae of this new world. The gang is in search of a computer this time around and trying to unravel secrets pertaining to the quantum drive. Holly is trying to teach Daze everything she can so he can survive. Things are underfoot in the current government showcasing a bit of foreshadowing for future books. Holly is a fighter and I can’t get enough!

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Publisher: ACI Books 
Pub Date:  October 23, 2017

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