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Early Review: Falling for Mr. Wright (Bachelors in Suits #1) by Robyn Neeley

Nov 29, 2017

After being dumped two weeks before his wedding, civil engineer Ryan Wright’s not interested in love. Been there, done that, had the wedding deposits to prove it. Still, he can’t help lusting after the fiery redheaded executive assistant who’s stirring up feelings that aren’t exactly appropriate for the office.

Sarah Leonard is determined to make the CEO fall in love with her. To execute her plan, she’s going to need a little help in the form of her lunch buddy, the 6’2” office hottie who just so happens to be their boss’s best friend. Who better to tell Sarah everything she needs to know to win the other man’s heart?

Ryan agrees to help Sarah put her plan in motion, but he has no intention of helping her win anything. In fact, it’s time to show his office crush that he’s the guy she should be falling for…



Falling for Mr. Wright was a cute, fun and sexy friends-to-lovers read!

Sarah has had a long-time crush on Logan, the CEO of the company she works at. When she asks her friend/co-worker Ryan to help her get her man (who happens to be Ryan's best friend), he reluctantly agrees. She doesn't know Ryan has feelings for her. But when the two share an unexpected kiss one evening, things start to change for Sarah. Now she can't stop thinking about Ryan. Ryan isn't looking for a relationship, but he can't stop thinking about Sarah either and after that kiss, he definitely wants more.

It's a bit of a bumpy ride for these two to their HEA, but the journey was worth it! I really enjoyed this fun, holiday read!

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Publisher: Entangled Publishing: Lovestruck Imprint
Pub Date: December 4, 2017

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