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Early Review: Closer to You (Haven, Montana #1) by Jill Sanders

Oct 6, 2017

New York Times bestselling author Jill Sanders strikes gold with a sizzling series about oil-rich playboys whose hearts are up for grabs.

No one’s more surprised than Tyler McGowan when he discovers he has a knack for running the family’s oil business—a role he took on after his father’s sudden passing. Now, to keep the old man’s legacy afloat, Tyler’s giving up his playboy ways and settling into small-town life. But his newfound resolve is tested when trouble strides into his office in five-inch heels.

Kristen Howell has spent the last five years working her way up the corporate ladder. And somehow it’s landed her smack-dab in the middle of nowhere: Haven, Montana. It’s her job to convince the head of McGowan Enterprises to sell. But the tall and rangy hunk is proving to be exceedingly stubborn—and overwhelmingly hot. When someone attempts to derail her negotiations, Kristen is ready to get down and dirty. But the sparks she and Tyler are throwing near the oil field may be dangerously combustible…


3.5 Stars

Closer to You is the first book in the Haven, Montana series about three brothers who take over their late father’s oil business. This book focuses on the oldest brother, Tyler McGowan. As the brothers start to get the business going in the right direction again, offers start coming in from big businesses to buy them out, but these brothers aren’t selling. They want to keep their father’s dream alive.

Enter Kristen Howell, who has been sent to Haven by her boss to try and convince the brothers to sell. Kristen is a city woman and isn’t prepared for a place like Haven when she arrives. You could tell from the first meeting between Tyler and Kristen though, that sparks were going to fly between these two!

As Kristen spends more time with Tyler and trying to figure out why her boss and the company want to buy out the brothers’ business so badly, the two grow closer. She’s only in Haven for a short time and the feelings between them are growing stronger every day. Will they both be able to put their true feelings out on the line for something that could be a forever kind of love?

There are also people out to hurt them and the company’s reputation. Tyler, Kristen and his family, along with law enforcement try and find out who’s behind these bad things happening to them and the company.

I liked the slower build to Tyler & Kristen‘s relationship, the mystery and suspense elements in the storyline and the family bond between the brothers and their mother. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series!

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Publisher: Montlake Romance
Pub Date: October 10th, 2017

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