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Enchantress of Books Presents: Gift Ideas for the Book Lover #110

Aug 30, 2017

It's Wednesday and Viviana, Enchantress of Books  has this week's Gift Ideas for the Book Lover ready for you to check out! 

Welcome to Gift Ideas for the Book Lover! A weekly series sharing awesome items that the book lover in your life and/or you will love!!  Let me know what you think! 

If you or the book lover in your life are a Pride and Prejudice fan, this is a great set of  Illustration Variety Pack Note Cards with Envelopes (Set of 8)! And yes, there are still many people that write out notes! 

This is not only a forecast, but my daily "goal"! I'd so totally wear this nightshirt while relaxing with a great book! 

Then again, I'd also were this one (side note, reading on the weekends is another goal!)

And this one is also true!! It's also so me! I'm going to have to One-Click this!! Seriously, this is so like us book lover! This needs to be a shirt and not just a night shirt!

Keep this sign close by and when someone comes near, just point to it!!

I know its a pet peeve of mine when people, okay, mostly when family interrupt my limited reading time! Specially since its never an emergency! How do you handle people interrupting your reading time? 

See you all next week!!

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